Goat injures 40 Russian soldiers as it sets off a series of bombs – News

A goat injured 40 Russian soldiers when it accidentally triggered a series of grenades by Russian troops in Zaporizhzhia, in southeastern Ukraine, the country’s Defense Ministry’s intelligence agency said.

According to authorities, the Russians placed bombs around a local hospital, creating a circular defence. However, shortly after they deployed the trap, a goat that had run away from a farm in the region triggered the trigger wires, which resulted in a chain explosion that injured several soldiers.

The troops suffered varying degrees of injury, and according to the Russian newspaper Pravda, it is not possible to know whether the goat survived the accident.

Russia has intensified its attacks in southern and eastern Ukraine, particularly in the breakaway Donbass region, after failing to capture the capital Kiev. For Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky, the outcome of the battles in the region “will indicate the future of the war”.

The attacks also became greater this week amid expectations of the meeting between representatives of European Union countries, which decided to grant Ukraine the status of candidate country to the bloc.

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