Google will give 500 thousand scholarships in Brazil; see how to apply

The giant of the information technology sector, Google, reveals that it will provide 500,000 scholarships for young people in Brazil by 2026. Check out who is entitled and how to participate below:

Who can receive one of the Google Scholarships?

The scholarships will be free and any young Brazilian will be able to apply in the selection process for them. Vacancies will be released from this year in partnership with CIEE ONE, the online course platform of the Center for Business-School Integration (CIEE).

In a note, Google explains that the entire enrollment and selection process of students will take place through their registration and application as vacancies are announced.

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“The chosen ones will be accompanied by an exclusive monitoring, which will help them to complete the certifications”, details Google.

The partnership with CIEE presents itself as strategic to enable the connection of students with the job market after the completion of the courses.

Google will reserve 2,000 places for trans people in the offer of 500,000 scholarships
Google will reserve 2,000 seats for transgender people in an offer of 500,000 scholarships (Photo: Robyn Beck/AFP)

What courses will be offered on Google Scholarships?

Google argues that the grants will be aimed at “areas of performance that are highly demanded by the job market”. Among the areas covered by the grants are:

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Data analysis
  • Project management
  • UX Design (User Experience)

All courses were created by Google in partnership with the remote education platform Coursera. In all, there will be 800 hours of classes, at four levels in each course.

All training guarantees formal certification from Google and the initiative’s partner platforms. The focus is to boost “the preparation of students to enter jobs in the field of constant professional growth in technology”, points out the company.

Quotas for trans people

Of the total number of vacancies offered, 2,000 will be dedicated exclusively to transgender people.

The company points out that the trans population in Brazil lives in a scenario of “extreme vulnerability due to the lack of a job opportunity” and that a joint effort is needed by society to reverse this scenario.

“It is estimated that 90% of the trans population in Brazil have the informal market as a source of income and the only possibility of subsistence”, reiterates the company, stressing the importance of reserving exclusive spaces for trans people.

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