“He ordered the name of Bustos to be left in suspense”; reporter brings ‘bomb’ in Santos about current coach and climate heats up in Vila


Climate in Vila Belmiro is not good and fans ask for the immediate departure of the Argentine commander

- Fabian Bustos
© Photo: Ivan Storti/Santos FC– Fabian Bustos

The weather in Santos is the worst possible. The rout suffered by the biggest rival yet reverberates a lot in Vila Belmiro and many Santos fans ask for the departure of commander Fabián Bustos immediately. Peixe did not compete against Corinthians, did not match practically all the matches and lost 4 x 0, with only a miracle to classify the team in the next phase of the Copa do Brasil.

Unofficially, the direction of Santos immediately tried to play the coach so things don’t get complicated before the weekend’s game, again against Corinthians, but now for the Brazilian Championship. However, the downfall of Bustos can really happen in case of failure against the rival and the journalist Jose Calil tbrought bombastic details on the subject.

(…) Santos will play against Corinthians Saturday and Sunday he will go to Venezuela and this flight needs to be chartered, because Conmebol requires it. I know a person who works at the company that charters this plane to Santos and do you know what he told me today (yesterday)? That in the morning a Santos employee called the company and asked how far he can exchange passengers, because you have to send a pre-list (…)”, revealed Calil during his participation in Rádio Transamerica.

The commentator continued talking about the matter: “(…) Santos has already sent a pre-list (Wednesday 22) of who is going to travel, (the question was) until when he can change passengers and ordered the name of Bustos and all his assistants to be left in suspense. will travel or would travel, that is, if he misses Saturday (25), he will take the Uber to the airport, but he will not take the Santos bus to the airport (…)”, added.

The coach’s press conference did not go down well behind the scenes at Peixe and many players felt exposed. The environment is no longer cool and there are those who say that the change of technical command will be a matter of time, maybe even hours.

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