Little girl with cough and shortness of breath has leech removed from her throat – News

A 5-year-old Chinese girl had a leech removed from her throat after spending several days with hopeless coughing and shortness of breath. The surprising case was registered in the pediatric department of Wenshan City People’s Hospital.

As reported by Yahoo Australia, the girl’s symptoms led family members to think she had a cold. However, with no sign of improvement, they decided to seek medical help.

The little girl underwent an imaging exam, which revealed to doctors the worm, 15 cm long, lodged in the region of the larynx.

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The professionals immediately performed the animal removal procedure.

Free from the leech, the girl fully recovered from the extreme discomfort and was discharged from the hospital.

But despite the positive outcome, there is no information on how the child contracted the worm.

A child who coughed up blood also had a leech removed from his throat. Check out:

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