Medina remains taboo, falls in the repechage in Rio and gets complicated at the World Cup

Gabriel Medina is eliminated from the Saquarema stage of the World Surfing Tour. The three-time world champion lost in the repechage to Australian Callum Robson at Itaúna beach and kept the taboo of never having won a stage in Brazil.

The surfer from Maresias started the heat further to the right of the beach, while his opponent was on the opposite side. And the Brazilian already started the heat with a good note, getting a 7.5 right on his first wave. Faced with a 6.0 from the Australian, he took the lead.

However, Robson took the lead, recording 8.17 in the third wave, while Medina struggled to score another high score in the following waves. As time went by, the Brazilian’s opponent was surfing the best waves, which generated a mobilization on the beach.

Faced with the difference between the waves on the sides of the sea, fans and friends of the Brazilian who were in the box started shouting for him to go to the left side, where the opponent was from the beginning. Meanwhile, Callum Robson still managed to record a 7.4 and bring their combined score to 15.57.

Thus, Medina needed to score 8.08 to be able to finish first and advance to the next level. He tried several aerials to get the score and surfed 11 waves in total, but couldn’t make it to the Australian and ended up with 10.37 points on his two best scores combined. In the end, the opponent still stuck to him because he had wave choice priority.

The Brazilian had to play in the repechage because he didn’t win his heat yesterday in the first round. He trailed Australians Connor O’Leary and Ethan Ewing at the time.

With the early elimination in Saquarema, Medina was in a difficult situation in the dispute for the world title this year. The three-time world champion gave up the first half of the season to take care of his physical and mental health and played in Saquarema his third stage since his return – before, he took third place in Indonesia and El Salvador.

He is now waiting for the end of the event in Brazil to know the difference in points for the fifth place in the ranking. Only the top five compete for the title at the WSL Finals in September.

Before Saquarema, Medina had 13,230 points, in 23rd place, against 28,110 of Japanese Kanoa Igarashi, fifth place, but who should leave the top 5 because, like the Brazilian, he was eliminated in the repechage.

Medina still has mathematical title chances. Even if he is champion in the last two rounds before the WSL Finals (South Africa in July and Tahiti in August), he will need an unlikely combination of results.

Brazilian gets grade 10

Medina was the last Brazilian to enter the water, today, in the men’s repechage. Before him, Caio Ibelli defeated Jadson André with the right to a 10 in a tube that stirred the crowd in Itaúna.

Following, Mateus Herdy eliminated Kanoa Igarashi. Then it was João “Chumbinho” Chianca’s turn. The only local surfer from Saquarema to compete for the championship lost to Australian Ethan Ewing. Samuel Pupo vs Kolohe Andino (United States).

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