MGK: Megan Fox’s controversial fiance releases deluxe version of latest album Jornal da Manhã

Cover of the deluxe version of the latest album | Photo: Playback/Instagram

the singer of rap music and pop punk, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), releases this Friday (24), the deluxe version of his sixth studio album, “Mainstream Sellout”. The announcement of the new version, which arrives, practically, 3 months after the launch of the original version, was made by the American on his Instagram profile, this Wednesday (22).

Announcement of the new songs of the deluxe version made by MGK via instagram | Photo: Lia Crumpton (@crumpnugget)

The new version of the album will feature five previously unreleased songs, including “More Than Life”, the last single released by MGK on June 10th and featuring 17-year-old singer Glaive. In addition to this, another participation is also part of the album upgrade, where MGK shares vocals with Oliver Sykes, lead singer of the band “Bring Me the Horizon”, in the song “maybe”, already present in the first version of the album, but now repackaged in an acoustic version.


MGK’s presentation at the 2022 edition of Lollapalooza Brasil | Photo: Anderson Carvalho

The latest album, “Mainstream Sellout”, was released on March 25th of this year, when the singer performed on national soil, at the Lollapalooza Brasil festival, where many Brazilians got to know the sound of MGK. In the music scene for almost two decades, Machine Gun Kelly has been gaining more and more space not only in the music scene, but also in the media. MGK’s passage through Lollapalooza Brasil’s Budweiser stage was described as “extremely electrifying” and the singer himself felt it, when he said that Brazilian fans were “the most intense audience he has performed for in his entire career”. Singles like “Kiss Kiss”, “Drunk Face”, “My Ex’s Best Friend”, “Concert For Aliens” and “Bloody Valentine” were present in the singer’s repertoire, as well as a cover of one of the biggest hits of the emo generation of all. the times, the eternal “Misery Business” by the band Paramore.


MGK and Megan Fox opposite each other in the movie “Midnight in the Switchgrass” | Photo: reproduction

MGK met Megan Fox in one of his acting ventures. During an interview with The Drew Barrymore Show, Machine said that he only accepted to act in “Midnight in the Switchgrass” due to the fact that he would play opposite his current fiancée, Megan Fox. MGK also says during the interview, that the first contact of the two took place after the singer was outside the trailer of the beloved, because he knew that eventually, the actress would invite him to lunch. No sooner said than done! The courtship then began two months later in July 2020 when Megan and Brian Austin Green split.


The couple that makes the rockstar line in their profiles on social networks, recently had their names involved in such a controversy! Asked for engagement on January 12 of this year, with a ring designed by MGK himself and made by jewelry designer Stephen Webster, the jewel, estimated at R$1.8 million, was identified as an object of almost torture. After the engagement announcement, it began to circulate on the internet that the ring would have been forged with some thorns and that, if Megan tried to remove the jewelry from her finger, the ring would hurt the actress. Countless people “fell killing” on top of the singer, who gave the veracity of the news in a post on social networks, however, everything was nothing more than a fake news and the jewelry made of diamond and Colombian emerald, is a normal piece and can be removed whenever Megan wants.


Anyone who thinks that the only controversy involving MGK was the ring is wrong! In the 2021 edition of Video Music Awards (VMA), for example, the singer was involved in a falling out with MMA fighter Conor McGregor. Still on the red carpet, according to information from the portal Page Six, the fighter would have gone to say hello to the singer, however, he “gave his ass in the water”, when MGK said something to his security, who pushed McGregor away. Surprised, the fighter then asked the singer for a photo, who did not take long to deny the image next to the fighter. With shoves and drinks thrown, both were separated by the security team, which did not prevent a real uproar from forming on the red carpet of the awards.


The son of missionary parents, MGK lived in several countries, such as Egypt and Germany. At age 9, Colson Baker (baptismal name) was abandoned by his mother, which led him, along with his father, to live with an aunt. MGK had a very poor childhood and had numerous problems living with his father, who suffered from depression. Machine Gun cut ties with his father, but they got back together in 2019, a year before his father passed away. MGK was a victim of bullying by other children during his childhood and he even dropped out of school. Recently, on his Instagram profile, Machine Gun shared a photo with his mother, showing that he had reconciled with his mother. The artist came to live on the streets and share a basement in the home of comedian Pete Davidson’s mother, in 2018, when both were going through instabilities in their careers. In 2020, the rapper said that Megan Fox and her friend and drummer from the band Blink182, Travis Barker, were key players at the time, when she was trying to get rid of drug addiction.


Despite the difficulties, MGK turned around and has been standing out more and more, reaching great heights in his career. With 22 tracks in total, “Mainstream Sellout (Life in Pink Deluxe)” is now available on all digital platforms and you certainly won’t want to miss this one. Whether to appreciate the singer’s work more or even to know his work, it’s time to press play and enjoy this sound!

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