“Robinho, let’s put…”; Leila ‘commits’ gaffe after defeat at Morumbi and Palmeiras fans don’t forgive on the web

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Publication was placed on the web shortly after the Palmeirense team stumbled in Morumbi

- Leila Pereira
© (Photo: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras/Official Flickr)– Leila Pereira

the palm trees did not play a great game against São Paulo, yesterday (23), for the Copa do Brasil and lost 1 x 0. Verdão did not have that offensive strength of previous matches, did not finish in the rival’s goal and the fans were a little disappointed with the performance on the field . On the other hand, many believe that this defeat can be “good” for Verdão not to have any kind of arrogance or to think that they already won before the ball rolled.

After the end of the classic at Morumbi, an unusual situation drew a lot of attention. A post on the president’s official profile Leila Pereira was classified as gaffe. What it implied is that the president sent someone who works for her on her personal web pages (social media) to post a motivational post, with the photo caption. However, the employee who would be called Robinho, would have forgotten to remove his name in the content and that was not “forgiven” by the people of Palmeiras.

Check out the initial message that was on Leila Pereira’s Instagram page: “Robinho, let’s put a picture of the Palmeiras shirt and write! “Let’s go! Forward Palmeiras!!”.

Soon after, the content was edited or reposted, but prints were already going viral on the web and the subject became a topic of debate among Palmeiras.. On the field, Verdão is getting ready to face the Hawaiinext Sunday (26), at 4 pm, at Ressacada Stadium.

Verdão knows how important this game is, as the team is in leadership of the Brazilian Championship and needs to score to remain isolated in first place. Until then, Abel Ferreira must decide the team that will enter the field for the duel.

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