Suspicious of the businessman, Luva de Pedreiro recorded hidden audio: ‘He is inside my house’

the influencer Pedreiro’s Glove began to show signs of wear with businessman Allan Jesus a week ago, when he vented that he would take a break from the internet. This Friday, columnist Léo Dias, from “Metrópoles”, released an audio where Luva tries to pass information to a person in a hidden way. He reports that Allan Jesus is inside her house.

– These video business, he’s here inside the house, inside my house. I came with him from Rio. He’s here, then he’ll suspect something. That’s why I’m trying (not to talk so much). Nothing is happening to him, you understand? Stay in the morning (without touching the subject too much). The lawyer of ‘painho’ is from São Paulo. He will take care of everything – Iran said.

The publication also says that Luva would have created other profiles on social networks to be able to communicate without being supervised by Allan Jesus. The fear was that the businessman was watching who he talked to and what he said.

See the audio:

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Allan Jesus pleaded not guilty to accusations that he was taking advantage of Iran. He revealed the existence of a third account – this being a legal one – in which Iran Ferreira would have access to the values ​​of trade agreements.

– Iran has two individual accounts and is aware of a third corporate account in which he is a member. This account was created this year. All our contracts have this account for receipt so that all transparency is possible. This account had no receipts – revealed Allan.

The businessman said that the agreements closed with brands such as Amazon have not yet been paid and revealed how much the influencer has to receive.

– Our advertising contracts total approximately R$2 million and no payments have been made. All payments will be made from July 2022. So far, all contracts have not been paid yet – he highlighted.

– Before our company was opened and we had a legal account, when I started working with Iran, he had made an informal agreement with an agency in which he had to deliver some videos on TikTok promoting a championship. I had to take it, keep his word. This amount was paid: R$ 20 thousand reais. As we still didn’t have the company, I had to issue an invoice and the amount was deposited in the ASJ Consultoria account-he concluded.

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