Textor talks about James Rodríguez at Botafogo and discusses the need for reinforcements to ‘shake the airport’: ‘There has to be a balance’

In the interview that John Textor gave to the program “Seleção SporTV” this Thursday, John Textor spoke again about James Rodriguez. The Colombian star of Al-Rayyan, from Qatar, is on the list to reinforce the Botafogo in this second window, and the American businessman stressed that the search for a strong reinforcement has to be to play ball, and not just serve as marketing.

– About James, our children grew up almost bilingual, they really liked Colombian football and James. Whether it is possible to bring it? I don’t know. He put on the table that he was looking for a challenge. Look what is happening in Brazil, why didn’t someone want to come here at this moment in history? Let’s talk to him and I hope I can convince him to join us. It’s not just a famous name, but a famous name that plays ball. (About superstars) Does there have to be a balance of a big star that costs dearly and doesn’t play anymore or do I go after the next big player at 24, 27? That’s the balance we’re looking for,” said Textor.

During the response, John Textor recalled how Botafogo’s first window was, with 12 reinforcements hired quickly due to the short time to sign them up.

– The fans have to understand that between saying I would be the new owner and me actually becoming the owner took a few months. We sign players in just a few weeks. We were trying to build a team based on the one that played Serie B, at a time when the window is not open anywhere. In July, with the big window that will open, there are experienced players, others in development, famous, everyone is coming and going. In April, there were no players. Luís Castro, (André) Mazzuco were very involved, we did a good job in the development to be able to be close to a Serie A standard. You wouldn’t be able to get a name that will shake the airport, but in July and August it can happen – he pointed out.

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