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Vasco entered the field with fireworks in the colors of the LGBTQIA+ flag, this Friday, in the match against Operário-PR, in São Januário. The club held a series of tributes to the cause against homophobia, to celebrate International LGBTQIA+ Pride Day, which takes place next Tuesday (28).

Entry into the field of Vasco x Operário-PR — Photo: André Durão

Around the lawn, the club placed employees with Vasco flags with the cross stripe in the colors of the rainbow. In addition, the fans prepared banners in favor of diversity, equality and respect. Behind the goal, a show of smoke in the colors of the rainbow, in addition to the fireworks display.

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At the end of the break, midfielder Yuri Lara praised Vasco’s tributes and highlighted the club’s role in fighting racism and homophobia.

– I think it’s important, everyone should fight prejudice. Vasco has always been a club that fought against prejudice, that fought for all causes, whether against homophobia and racism. We have to applaud this action and fight for the cause – said the steering wheel.

Upon arrival at the stadium, coach Maurício Souza also supported the crowd’s initiative against homophobia and joined in the fight.

– Reason for pride. We are also here to support.

Maurício Souza supports the fans' initiative against homophobia: "reason for pride"

Maurício Souza supports the fans’ initiative against homophobia: “A reason for pride”

The day has been one of tributes to the cause. This Friday, Vasco’s organized supporters signed a Code of Ethical Conduct and a manifesto against homophobia. The groups pledged to promote the fight against violence, harassment and discrimination in stadiums.

São Januário, Vasco x Worker — Photo: Matheus Lima / CRVG

Vasco vs Operário, São Januário — Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

Vasco fans honor the LGBTQIA+ cause — Photo: André Durão

Vasco’s entry against homophobia, in Vasco x Operário — Photo: André Durão

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