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Recognizing liking someone is a process that, for many, can take some time. However, taking action after recognition may be an even more complicated task.

After exposing your feelings to the ‘crush‘, there is a common fear of having unrequited love, losing friendship or contact with the person, having the feeling that everything will be too shameful, among other feelings. While there are exceptions, there are a few ways to set the stage for success.

According to science, there are certain ways to make someone fall in love with you. Even though there are no magic formulas, there are facilitating ways to conquer the loved one.

The Business Insider portal spoke with psychotherapist and writer, M. Gary Neuman, who stated the possibility of increasing your chances of ‘crush‘ open the heart, scientifically proven. And that’s what the article will address next.

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3 tactics to conquer someone, scientifically proven

1 – Maintain eye contact

According to a study by Harvard psychologist Xick Rubin, couples who are truly in love tend to look at each other for 75% of the time they are talking.

Try to resist the shame when talking to your ‘crush‘ and look into their eyes. It may seem tempting to look away, but resist and remember your goal!

2 – Be interested in who he is as a person and listen to everything his ‘crush‘ it says

According to studies by the University of Nevada and the University of Washingtonbeing a good listener is a big part of making someone fall in love with you. Neuman says people love it when others are interested in what they have to say, because they feel comfortable.

The psychotherapist also emphasizes that asking questions in a row and answering with compassion in relation to the subject is a practice to be done by everyone inserted in this context.

3 – Make him feel appreciated and special

According to Neuman, 48% of couples he talked to said they didn’t feel appreciated by their partner. This way, if you can make your ‘crush‘ feels appreciated while you’re together, he’s likely to get attached and fall in love.

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