Corinthians sends a loan for a duo and settles details by Yuri Alberto; see what’s missing

Corinthians is getting closer and closer to announcing striker Yuri Alberto as a new addition to the team. The 21-year-old player belongs to Zenit, from Russia, and is close to settling his arrival at the Parque São Jorge team. For this, Timão has lined up the loan of two players and is now the details of the final announcement.

The agreement with Zenit involves the loan of two pieces from Timão: goalkeeper Ivan and attacking midfielder Gustavo Mantuan. The two players have already accepted a transfer to the Russian team and are now lining up details for a season-long loan. Mantuan will be loaned out with a fixed purchase price of 10 million euros – Ivan’s figures were not disclosed.

Some details are still being lined up by the Elenco Sportsresponsible for the careers of the two athletes, and for the clubs, as a condition of renewal of Corinthians’ contract for another two years with Gustavo Mantuan, in addition to a clause of immediate return to Brazil in case of need. It is worth remembering that Russia is still at war with Ukraine.

Today, Mantuan has a contract with Corinthians until January 5, 2025. The Parque São Jorge club has 90% of the economic rights of the athlete, who is trained in the youth teams of Timão. The player was a requirement of coach Sergey Semak for the release of Yuri Alberto.

As for the attacker, according to the ge.globethe negotiation will be concluded with a value of around R$ 30 million for a one-year contract with Corinthians. The amount includes salaries, gloves and commission for entrepreneurs. The agreement was led by the athlete’s father, Carlos Alberto, along with the board of Corinthians and Zenit.

Ivan and Mantuan are concentrated with the cast for the classic against Santos, soon, at 19h, for the Brasileirão. The shirt 31, inclusive, is the starter in the confrontation. According to the agreement between Corinthians and Zenit, the duo must remain in Brazil for the Libertadores round of 16 dispute and will only be released by Timão after July 13 – the date of the return game of the Copa do Brasil, against Santos.

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