El Refugio | We spoke with Ana Claudia Talancón, star of the series

Premiered this Thursday, June 23, the long-awaited first Spanish-language science fiction series by STARZPLAY, El Refugio. starring Alberto Guerra (“Narcos: Mexico”) and Ana Claudia Talancon (“O Crime do Padre Amaro”), and executive produced by the brothers Larraín (“Spencer”), the ambitious 6-episode production follows unpredictable events involving a family on a farm full of mysteries.

El Refugio takes place in the interior of Mexico, when a family begins to experience something they cannot explain. Victoria, played by Ana Claudia Talancón, is a mother who, when picking up her children from her ex-husband’s house, finds herself around news of strange and inexplicable things happening all over the world, except around where she is.


But soon, bizarre events start to happen, like the death of animals, electronics that no longer work and strange lights in the sky. Now all that family has to do is protect themselves, even without knowing or believing what is happening to them and the world.

To celebrate the launch of the series, we had the pleasure of a brief conversation with actress Ana Claudia Talancón to talk a little about the series:

  • El Refugio is debuting soon. How are you feeling?

Ana Claudia: Yes, I’m super excited and feel blessed and constantly grateful for this project. I believe viewers have been waiting for this sci-fi thriller series, and I think it’s going to blow their minds. I think the quality of the whole project is so good, the acting, the special effects, the editing, the music. The way the whole genre is maintained throughout the story is very interesting. And I think the characters and the story, it’s pretty universal, which I think people will be able to relate to (the facts). And even more so now, coming out of a pandemic world, we can expect anything, (this feeling) to be surprised by something unexpected. So I think it’s the perfect time for production.

  • What made you join this production?

Ana Claudia: I was offered the role, directly. And I didn’t hesitate to accept it, it was clear to me that I wanted to be a part of it because one of the things that attracted me was my character. Of course the whole story, the sci-fi and thriller genre made the choice easy, but putting aside, my character, the way she is strong and vulnerable at the same time, makes her very human. It’s not a cliché story, where the main thing is a man who will save his family, showing how strong he is. The story has a very strong woman, and it is she who will guide the family through this whole situation. And it was very attractive to me.

  • From what we can see from the first episode, her character is going through a very delicate moment. She recently lost a daughter, and now she has to face something unseen to protect her other children. What was it like preparing for this character?

Ana Claudia: Life has prepared me for it. Everything developed in a magical way. When we arrived in Chile to film, the country was in lockdown. So we had to be in separate hotels. They had to leave our food at the door, we couldn’t see each other for a week. And then, the next week, we went to the apartment we had to stay. I’m from Cancun, a beach girl. And it was so cold, so it was winter in Chile, and there were few hours of light. The schedule we had was very extreme and that prepared me for the recordings. And that gave me the opportunity to go over the script and analyze my character, Victoria, and all the colors in her to make her interesting.

  • Has anything mysterious ever happened to you?

Ana Claudia: Yes definitely. I believe in the supernatural. I’ve seen UFOs, nobody told me, I saw it with my eyes. So I know we’re not the only ones in this universe. And I’ve also had paranormal encounters, so to speak. while i was recording The crime of Father Amaro, which is based on a Portuguese novel by Eça de Queiroz, in Velacruz I had a spiritual encounter. Someone came to my room at night while I was sleeping and I saw something darker than darkness. He stood on the wall, and just stared at me. And at first I thought it was weird that I wasn’t scared, because someone came to my room, and I tried to call, but the voice wouldn’t come out, I forced it until I yelled asking who it was. Then I realized, that I was standing, I wasn’t sleeping. I do not know how to explain. But then I got up, turned on the lights and there was nothing there. What would frighten me would be if he’d tried to touch me or hurt me. Then I felt something on my arm, and it scared me and I couldn’t sleep. The next day, my bed shook and shook a few times, and I bought candles and incense and prayed for good vibes. As “I don’t know who you are, I’m not here to hurt you, please, I’m not open to these experiences, I don’t want to”. And when I went for breakfast, I was told that this used to be a place where they hanged people in the Mexican Revolution. It was very scary and I remember it vividly.

El Refugio premiered on STARZPLAY, STARZ’s international streaming platform, this Thursday, June 23, and will get a new episode each week.

How to access STARZPLAY in Brazil:

STARZPLAY subscribers have access to exclusive premium programming, including the STARZ Originals series on the same day they are released in the US. Highlights include the “Power” Universe from executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson; the dark comedy “Shining Vale” with Courteney Cox; and “Gaslit,” the long-awaited and modern adaptation of the Watergate scandal in the United States, starring Oscar winners Julia Roberts and Sean Penn. Other notable series are “Express” and “Senorita 89”.

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