Five names that can replace Andreas Pereira at Flamengo

In the context of doubts about the fate of Andreas Pereira, the fact is that Flamengo needs in its squad a midfielder with the characteristics of the player on loan from Manchester United.

In this sense, we found five names that can replace the Belgian steering wheel during the second half of 2022. For this we use some filters, using the Instat scout platform:

  1. Platform algorithm that compares player similarity to Andreas during the last season. Using statistics that can project a close performance between the two;
  2. Matching platform algorithm with technical need and Flamengo’s financial contribution to the position;
  3. Subjective criteria related to the game model of Dorival Jr. and some characteristics necessary for the player to work at the club;
  4. Price and purchase context.

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Midfielders who can replace Andreas Pereira at Flamengo

Allan – Everton-ING

The 31-year-old is currently an Everton player. With remarkable stints at Vasco and Napoli, the player stands out for his physical ability to cover spaces and win duels with and without the ball. In addition, he can technically add construction on the ball out. The player currently has a market value of 15 million euros.

Allan plays for the traditional Everton and plays in the top league in the world
Lindsey Parnaby/AFP via Getty Images

Matheus Henrique – Sassuolo-ITA

Formed in the youth categories of Grêmio, Matheus Henrique was one of the main midfielders in the country during 2018 and 2019. With a great ability to work with the ball with short passes, the athlete also deals very well with covering spaces in area to area. At 24 years old, the athlete has a market value of 11 million euros.

Grêmio's revelation, Matheus Henrique headed to Italian football
Photo: Francesco Pecoraro / Getty Images

Marcos Antonio – Shakhtar Donetsk

Even without having debuted for the professional team of Athletico-PR, Marcos Antônio stood out a lot for the Brazilian youth teams. Soon, the player was sold to Estoril de Portugal and arrived in 2019 at Shaktar Donetsk. With great performances in the UEFA Champions League, the 22-year-old is a Brazilian gem who has yet to make the leap to the world’s top leagues.

Currently, the player has a market value of 8 million euros.

Marcos Antonio, currently at Shakhtar Donetsk, is almost unknown in Brazil
Photo: Sergei Supinsky/AFP via Getty Images)

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Jean Lucas Monaco-FRA

Silver of the house, Jean Lucas came to play for the Flamengo professional in 2018 with Dorival Jr. In 2019, the player was loaned to Santos and, after standing out, was sold to Lyon. After failing to establish himself in the French team, the player continued in Ligue 1, where he was loaned to Brest and sold to Monaco. The player also has a market value of 8 million euros.

Jean Lucas, ex-Flamengo, in action with the Monaco shirt
Photo: Valery Hache/AFP via Getty Images

Fausto Vera – Argentinos Juniors-ARG

Formed in the youth categories of Argentinos Jrs, Fausto Vera was also a great highlight of the youth teams of the Argentine national team. The 22-year-old has not yet made the jump to European football, but he has been proving to be a player increasingly prepared to play in the old continent.

Fausto Vera could be a good option for Flamengo
Photo: Juan Barreto / AFP via Getty Images

Who would be the best replacement?

Check out some data from the five players in relation to Andreas Pereira in the last season. It is important to remember that the metrics are in different contexts and it is not possible to make a direct correlation, but rather seek to identify some performance indicators between them.

Even with the analysis of data and the use of software that are increasingly important in the analysis of football, the choice of hiring a high-level athlete also involves the human vision of professionals who work with scout. In this way, subjectivity exists and there is no way to pinpoint which would be the best player to reinforce Flamengo for the final half of 2022.

However, this writer believes that Marcos Antônio would be the ideal name to replace Andreas Pereira. The player has physical and technical characteristics that are very much in line with the game model of Dorival Jr.

In addition, due to the problems involving the Ukrainian territory in recent times, it can be a very interesting market alternative.

But anyway, there are other interesting names that can reinforce Mengão. It is up to the red-black board to assess whether it is worth making the purchase of the player or whether it would be more interesting to invest in another name.

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