Image shows that crashed IL-76 plane today broke in two with the crash

Photo: TASS

The crash of a Russian Ilyushin IL-76 plane this Friday morning (24) and which killed four people, according to official sources, already has a probable cause: engine failure. The information was confirmed by Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov, Lieutenant General (Major General) to the Russian state website TASS.

Images recorded by people on the ground already showed a problem in the number 4 engine, which was with large flames, just before the aircraft fell in a field. In addition to the four slice victims, another six would have been injured. In live streaming from the location (more below, wait for it to load), it is possible to see that the aircraft broke in two and part of the wing was also broken.

“While performing a training flight with no cargo on board, the crew detected an engine problem and decided to make an emergency landing outside the airport,” said the General.

The IL-76 aircraft is Russia’s main military freighter and has been used quite frequently to supply the front Russian in Invasion of Ukraine. The aircraft has the capacity to carry up to 60 tons of payload in its latest version or 140 soldiers. In today’s case, however, it was just a test flight outside Moscow, as mentioned above.

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