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Another week has passed and we are here to tell you everything that happened in the last few days. Is it still worth putting film on the cell phone? Is there a new Telegram in the area? Check out these and other highlights below. TB community between the 18th and 24th of June.

Image: Cover TB Comunidade June 25
Do you use film? (Image: Vitor Pádua/ Tecnoblog)

Is it still worth putting film on the cell phone?

The fear of having a scratched screen, or worse, broken, made many users bet on film as a way to protect their cell phone. However, the use of this accessory brings some costs such as slower fingerprint scanners or a drop in image quality. With an eye on these factors, Jonathan wanted to know if there is still a need to use films in smartphones.

Report of the reader lux (Jonathan) in the Community.  (Image: reproduction/Tecnoblog)
Report of the reader lux (Jonathan) in the Community. (Image: reproduction/Tecnoblog)

The doubt yielded and there were people defending both sides: without film and with film.

Emanuel_Schott is ahead of our time and didn’t even have to go through the detachment phase. “I never used film. It makes the screen very bad and the touch even worse. I only use anti-impact cases, the ones with an edge beyond the screen. I’ve been using it this way for years and I’ve never had any cracked screen. At most it scratches, but it is very imperceptible.”

To defend the use of film, Eduardo_Alvim shared his experience:

Reader's report: I had never used film and I had never dropped a cell phone on the floor.  Until… One fine day, doing an online gym session (post-pandemic, it became routine…) my Samsung S20FE fell from the little bench on the bench and SPLASHED the screen on the rustic granite floor.  I caught the poor thing and soon I saw the damage, more to the side like this, clearly visible… I was really, really angry.  What do you mean, I, who had never even cracked a screen and went to do this stupid thing right at home???  I lived looking at this damage for a few months, until I discovered that, yes, the S20FE comes with factory film.  I removed the damn and tchans, the screen was intact!!!  After that day, I started using (and recommending) films.  I immediately bought another one for this smart, applied it and today I am a happy owner of a cell phone with film… I recommend it to everyone.
Report by the reader Eduardo_Alvim in the Community. (Image: reproduction/Tecnoblog)

Is that you? Which side are you on? Share with us there in the topic.

Other topics that resonated in the Community

In addition to the debate on this topic, we had other interesting discussions this week. Access the links below and leave your opinion.

  1. When will Google end Android’s tethering with carriers like Jobs did with iOS?
  2. This was an omen of things to come.
  3. Smartphone suggestion with “FM Radio”
  4. Is my imports only with CPF possible?

During the week, our team also produced a lot of cool stuff. See below some guidelines that had an impact on the TB community.

Telegram also offers exclusive icons to Premium subscribers (Image: Disclosure)
Telegram also offers exclusive icons to Premium subscribers (Image: Disclosure)

The 5 best discussions about Tecnoblog agendas

  1. Telegram Premium launches with voice message transcription and more
  2. The best cloud storage services
  3. Against robocalls, Anatel determines the end of free calls with up to 3 seconds
  4. SpaceX reportedly fired employees involved in letter against Elon Musk
  5. US also wants to require iPhones with USB-C charging

Last Sunday, Telegram launched its premium version. In the paid plan, users will have access to functions such as transcription of voice messages, unique icons and conversation management – ​​the traditional version remains the same. The subscription fee is BRL 24.90 per month for iPhone users and BRL 23.99 for Android users. There were those who found it expensive and those who plan to sign later to help the messaging app. What do you think?

Elon Musk (Image: Thomas Hawk/Flickr)
Elon Musk generates debate after laying off employees. (Image: Thomas Hawk/Flickr)

Elon Musk has been in the spotlight for a few weeks now. This time, the reason was the alleged dismissal of SpaceX employees after sharing an open letter criticizing the executive’s behavior. The action was not very surprising, but it did divide opinion on the TB Community thread.

Our weekly summary ends here, until next time! Oh, don’t forget to follow the technoblog and participate in the discussions in the Community to stay on top of all the news.

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