Ronaldo comments on the emotion of watching Cruzeiro’s game with his family

The fam
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Ronaldo’s family was at Maracan this Thursday (23)

Ronaldo commented, live on Twitch, this Friday (24), the emotion of being at the stadium and watching a Cruzeiro game with his family. Last Thursday (23), Raposa lost 2-1 to Fluminense at Maracan, but the negative result did not diminish the importance of the match for Fenmeno. He stated that the duel was very special to see his relatives with the celestial shirt.

In a live broadcast on Ronaldo TV, the former striker made a point of highlighting what it was like to watch the match in the presence of his family. Fenmeno couldn’t even define the emotion he felt when he saw them supporting Cruzeiro.

“Yesterday’s game was also very special for me, because, I don’t know if you followed me on my social networks, but my whole family was there. Wow, I was like this… I was working, obviously, focused on the game, but just having them there by my side, everyone wearing the Cruzeiro shirt”, highlighted Ronaldo.

The phenomenon highlighted which family members were present at the stadium and also spoke about the presence of some friends. It is worth noting that Ronaldo Nazrio was born in Rio de Janeiro, that is, he was in his hometown.

“My father, my mother was there too, all my brothers, some friends, my friends’ children, my nephews. Anyway, it was a very nice party and it was really cool to enjoy the game with them. It was really angry”, he said.

The majority partner of SAF Cruzeiro also commented on the health situation of his father, Nlio Nazrio. He was at Maracan to accompany his son’s team and had the help of a wheelchair to get around. Ronaldo took the opportunity to praise the accessibility of the Rio de Janeiro stadium.

“My father is having a lot of trouble walking. He doesn’t have any serious health problems, but he’s getting old and has trouble walking. He walks well, but with short, slow steps. He went with a wheelchair. wheels and Maracan served very well, with great accessibility for people with disabilities, those in wheelchairs. Yesterday, I could see that this access was well made by Maracan”, pointed out Fenmeno.

The fans at Maracan

Cruzeiro was defeated by Fluminense at Maracan on Thursday (23) by 2 to 1. However, Ronaldo insisted on highlighting the support of the Minas Gerais fans who were present at Maracan. Fenmeno also praised the fans of the Rio de Janeiro team.

“By the way, Maracan was very beautiful. Fluminense fans had a beautiful party. Cruzeiro fans are already usual, this party: 4,000 or so fans screaming and cheering the whole game,” said Ronaldo.

The former striker also pointed out some moments in which Cruzeiro fans stood out at Maracan and talked about how this influenced debates on social networks.

“Often, you could only hear Cruzeiro fans there. This greatly influenced the press, social networks have a lot of repercussions on our fans, our energy, inside Maracan. Congratulations to our fans, but Fluminense’s fans are too Congratulations because he behaved very well, had a beautiful party. Maracan really was very beautiful”, concluded Ronaldo.

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