Taison vents and says he was hurt by the ‘strike’ episode

Taison vented. After Inter’s 3-0 victory over Coritiba, shirt 7 said he was very hurt by the episode in which players refused to train to collect late payments. According to him, being placed as the supposed leader of the movement made him very sad.

“It was a thing that upset me. Some people accused me of doing something I will never do, preventing a player from training, it’s not my nature. The person who posted it hurt me a lot, my wife, my mother, social networks today are very dangerous things, and that upset me a lot. I understand the fans’ side, believe me. I didn’t do that, I never will. The board knows everything I did to get back to the club. It upset me for a long time, but the things come to light and everyone will know what happened”, began the player.

On the occasion, which took place at the beginning of the month, Internacional players got together and decided not to train in the morning due to late payments that reached three months of image rights. After the club’s management made part of the payment, the group trained in the afternoon.

“It was a meeting of 35 players in the locker room, everyone spoke. They went there and posted that Taison was the leader. This is wrong, it’s very wrong, I’ll never tell 35 guys not to train. I’ll never do that, I know the situation the club goes through”, he said.

“We talked. It wasn’t just Taison, everyone talked, everyone was there. They said that I was the leader and that doesn’t just affect me, it affects everyone. I hope God forgives whoever did this. I’m fine.” , he added.

The reflections of this episode are still alive in his relationship with the fans. Before today’s game, his name was booed over the sound system. On the field, Taison scored the first goal of the red victory.

“The crowd has the right to boo me. I’m not a player who can’t be booed. I’d rather be booed for my performance than for what they post. I hope the crowd understands. There are a lot of players who don’t return to Inter, I came back , knowing all the difficulties that the club has. But that’s gone, it’s over, life goes on”, he said.

I hope the future is like my arrival, the fans have been waiting for so long. I don’t want to leave the club fighting through the back door. I always said that I would end my career here and I always want to thank you for what you did for me”, he concluded.

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