Video captures terrifying moment in which the family is chased by a wild bear during the trail; they had three children

A video captured the terrifying moment a bear chases a family of five down a trail in Canada.

Brighton Peachey was on a hike in British Columbia alongside her husband Michael and their three children when they spotted a bear following, as detailed by The Sun.

Michael, who had the baby strapped to his back, can be seen waving his hands trying to scare the bear away.

Meanwhile, Peachey can be heard yelling, “Hey Bear, go home!”

Video captures terrifying moment in which the family is chased by a wild bear on the trail

Peachey, who was with her husband and their three children aged between one and six, said the bear was blocking the way to the parking lot, so they had to continue.

According to the website, the bear didn’t seem to care about the family and continued to follow them for nearly 20 minutes.

She told KUTV, “He just wasn’t intimidated and kept following us around.”

“You’re in their territory, and even if you do all the things you’re supposed to do, they might not care, they might still want to keep coming in the direction they’re going or still come after you.”

Afterwards, the mother shared an update explaining how the family ended up staying safe after the encounter. The family found other regulars and continued with the walk.

Still according to the information, Peachy later added that authorities had to close this area after the bear’s behavior. Check out:

With information from The Sun website

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