Atlético-MG scores three goals in the final stretch and gets a comeback against Fortaleza

Atlético-MG scores three goals in the final stretch and gets a comeback against Fortaleza

Atlético-MG scores three goals in the final stretch and gets a comeback against Fortaleza

Photo: Hedgard Moraes / Gazeta Press

Atlético-MG let Fortaleza open two goals in the first half, this Saturday, and the score remained that way until the 30th minute of the final stage. It was from there, pushed by the fans present at the mineirão, that Antonio Mohamed’s team started to build an incredible comeback, only with goals in aerial plays, to win by 3 to 2 and continue the undefeated streak in the season started four games ago.

Romarinho scored the two tricolor goals, while Rubens, Réver and Matheus Jussa, against, noted for the mining side. After two victories over Flamengo, in the Brasileirão and in the Copa do Brasil, Atlético cheered up the crowd even more with the power of reaction shown that night, added the 24th point in the national championship and took the fifth place, two points from the vice-leader Corinthians. Fortaleza remains in penultimate, with ten, but can be overtaken by Juventude and return to the bottom.

The Atletico fan was taken by surprise to see the lineup, as he did not find the name of Hulk among the holders. That’s because the striker, author of 21 goals this season, was diagnosed with swelling in his right foot and ended up vetoed by the medical department. The expectation, however, is that he will be available to play against Emelec, in Guayaquil, on Tuesday, for Libertadores.

Without being able to play, the scorer watched the game from the stands at Mineirão and couldn’t do anything while watching Romarinho do Fortaleza, doing what he likes to do most: goals. The tricolor striker took the score to zero in the second minute of the game, in a kick from outside the area that made the ball die in the right corner of the goal defended by Everson.

After that, the visiting team defended well until finding the way for the second goal, when they took advantage of Réver’s failure in an Atletico attack and responded with speed. The play ended with Romarinho beating Éverson once again. Even with more time on the ball at their feet, the Atletico couldn’t get past the well-armed defense of Pici’s team.

The first minutes of the second half did not indicate that Atlético could react, but history was thanks to Rubens. Substitute for Guilherme Castilho in the game, the midfielder appeared alone to head near the small area, in the 30th minute, after a cross by Vargas and showed that the Minas Gerais team was alive in the game.

The answer lay in the aerial balls. That’s how Réver’s redeeming goal came out, with a header in the 41st minute, assisted by Igor Rabello. In another move from above, Vargas headed and the ball hit Mateus Jussa’s foot before passing goalkeeper Marcelo Boeck and dying inside the tricolor net, to the delight of Hulk and the entire crowd present in the stands.



ATLÉTICO-MG – Everson; Réver, Igor Rabello and Junior Alonso (Vargas); Guga, Allan (Otávio), Guilherme Castillo (Rubens) and Calebe; Sávio (Ademir) and Eduardo Sasha (Fábio Gomes). Coach: Antonio Mohamed.

STRENGTH – Marcelo Boeck; Ceballos, Marcelo Benevenuto and Titi; Yago Pikachu; Felipe, Ronald (Matheus Jussa), Lucas Lima (Dipietri) and Juninho Capixaba; Romarinho (Silvio Romero) and Moisés (Lucas Crispim). Coach: Juan Vojvoda.

GOALS – Romarinho, in the 28th minute of the first half. Rubens, at 30, and Réver, at 41 minutes of the second half. Matheus Jussa, at 51.

YELLOW CARDS – Marcelo Boeck, Lucas Crispim and Ronald (Fortaleza)

REFEREE – Jean Pierre Goncalves Lima (RS)

INCOME – BRL 866,541.79

PUBLIC – 30,003

PLACE – Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte (MG).

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