Boeing pursues plans to open West Africa’s first aircraft maintenance center

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The aircraft manufacturer Boeing has plans to open a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) unit in Accra (Ghana), with the aim of serving the West African sub-region, which currently does not have a structure like this next one. The project dates back to before the pandemic, but with the problems of the 737 MAX, other programs and Covid-19 itself, it was left in the drawer.

However, a recent update, given by the website AviationGhana, states that the American manufacturer works with a partner to build and establish the MRO at the country’s main airport by 2024.

Kuljit Ghata-Aura, president of Boeing Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META), spoke to AviationGhana, highlighting why the initiative is important: “Recent data shows that 70% of the entire fleet in Africa is Boeing – narrowbodies and widebodies. MRO is an important part of this ecosystem. However, MROs in Africa represent only 4% of global capacity, so clearly there is a need for MRO in Africa.”

In addition, the facility, which will be the first of its kind in West Africa, will create sustainable, top-notch jobs for young people in Ghana and Africa as a whole. It was highlighted that the Ghana MRO, which is being developed with the support of the US Trade and Development Agency, in collaboration with the Ghanaian company Aerojet Aviation Ltd and the American company Alton Aviation Consultancy.

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