Corinthians and Santos draw goalless in a reunion, for the Brazilian Championship

With very different teams from last Wednesday (22), Corinthians and Santos were in a 0-0 draw, this Saturday (25), for the 14th round of the Brazilian championship.

+ PERFORMANCES: Corinthians, on a lackluster night, is in a draw with Santos
+ PERFORMANCES: Léo Baptistão and the defense duo are the highlights of Santos in the classic

As Timão faces the first leg of the round of 16 of the Liberatorsagainst Boca Juniors, from Argentina, the main players of the squad were preserved from this weekend’s classic.

Peixe started the match with seven changes in relation to the team that started the 4-0 defeat by Brazil’s Cupthree days ago.

With the result, Timão will continue in second place in the Brazilian Championship, with 26 points, not being able to surpass Palmeiras, which can open even more the advantage in the leadership, as it faces Avaí, this Sunday (26), for the Brasileirão.

Peixe, on the other hand, remains in sixth place in the national competition, but may lose positions with the round complement this weekend.

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Corinthians x Santos

Clásico ended in a goalless draw (Photo: Alex Silva / LANCEPRESS!)


To exorcise the bad performance of last Wednesday (22), when it was thrashed by 4 to 0, Santos started on top of Corinthians this weekend.

Having more possession of the ball, Peixe occupied the opponent’s field for most of the opening 10 minutes, when forward Marcos Leonardo took off on the left, got in the face of goalkeeper Cássio and sent it out. However, the referee signaled offside and ‘saved’ the Santos striker.


Six minutes after Marcos Leonardo missed the goal, but saw the bid annulled, Santos created the first great opportunity, with Léo Baptistão, who received a great pass from Ângelo, on the right. The Santos shirt 92 finished from outside the area and forced Cássio to make a great save.


In the 18th minute of the first half, Corinthians saw that it was being cornered and began to grow. The first act of response was with Du Queiroz, who received a pass from Adson, on the left and finished from outside the area, over the goal.


Corinthians and Santos took danger in free kicks.

First, Peixe, with Marcos Leonardo, on the left side, with Marcos Leonardo hitting low, under the barrier, sending it out.

Then, Mantuan hit a frontal free kick, tried to put it at half height, in the right corner, outside the barrier, but the ball hit the support beam of the net of the north goal of Neo Química Arena.


Near the end of the first half, in the 33rd minute, Du Queiroz made the second attempt to score with a kick from outside the area. Again the pass came from left to right, but this time with Mantuan, finding shirt 37, who filled his foot and sent it over the goal.


Unlike what happened in the first half, it was Corinthians that came back better in the second half.

Timão promoted the entry of the duo Giuliano and Willian, in place of Mantuan and Du Queiroz, who felt a problem in his thigh at the end of the first half. And it was the two who entered fresh that reached the goal for the first time, just two minutes into the final stage.

The two athletes scored on the left side, Giuliano came out in front of the goal, but didn’t hit hard and the ball passed through the small area.


At seven minutes of the second half, Timão created the second great chance of the final stage, in a move that was born with Adson, open on the right side, and found the side Rafael Ramos in excellent condition in the beak of the penalty area, hit a cross and sent out. It would be the first goal of the Portuguese with the Corinthians shirt.


Following Rafa Ramos’s submission, Peixe went up with Ângelo, who sprinted from the defensive field to the attack and served Léo Baptistão, who finished wide.


Willian did what he wanted on the left side, found Adson, who served Roni to arrive hitting from outside the area. Shirt 29 filled the left corner and forced John to make a great save.


Place: Neo Química Arena, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Date and time: June 25, 2022 at 7pm
Referee: Flavio Rodrigues de Souza (FIFA/SP)
Assistants: Marcelo Carvalho Van Gasse (FIFA/SP) and Gustavo Rodrigues de Oliveira (SP)
Video referee: Rodrigo Guarizo Ferreira do Amaral (VAR-FIFA/SP)
Audience/Income: 41,124 people / BRL 2,443,238.62
Yellow cards: Roni, Fagner and Adson (Corinthians); Angelo (Santos)
Red cards:-


CORINTHIANS: Cassius; Rafael Ramos (Fagner, 15’/2T), Robert Renan, Raul Gustavo and Fábio Santos; Du Queiroz (Giuliano, halftime), Cantillo and Roni (Lucas Piton, 24’/2T); Adson, Felipe Augusto (Júnior Moraes, 10’/2T) and Gustavo Mantuan (Willian, halftime). Technician: Victor Pereira.

SAINTS: John; Auro (Rwan Secco, 25’/2T), Velázquez, Eduardo Bauermann and Felipe Jonatan; Rodrigo Fernández, Camacho (Sandry, 40’/2T), Léo Baptistão (Lucas Pires, 40’/2T) and Lucas Braga; Ângelo (Bruno Oliveira, 18’/2T) and Marcos Leonardo. Technician: Lucas Ochandorena.

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