Find out which are the 10 Most POPULAR Movies of the First Half of 2022! You will be surprised

And who said the year 2022 wouldn’t fly by? Yes, dear reader, we barely blinked and the first half of this new year has already slipped through our fingers. It is increasingly necessary to optimize our time, as it passes very quickly. When we talk about cinema, this reflects on the promises of major releases that we are sometimes looking forward to years for the premiere and when we realize that moment has passed. This is the case with the long-awaited Batmanwith Robert Pattinson, for example. Who doesn’t remember squeak which was when they announced the actor as the new interpreter of the dark hero. Many accused the news of being false or an April Fools joke. Well, he arrived and everyone had to give their arm to cheer for his performance in the role. Another long-awaited was Top Gun: Maverickannounced for the premiere since 2020, finally the fans could check it out, and also attest to its quality.

The subject here, however, is the most popular movies of this first half of 2022. A movie’s popularity is often not about its box office or positive reviews. And this is a very interesting phenomenon. The most profitable movie of a given year is not necessarily the most popular, at least not on the internet. In this case, what happens is that a large part of the public waits to watch at home and not in theaters. On the other hand, the critics’ ratings also don’t say much about how fans will embrace a certain work. Here, we measure popularity by the number of fans who are willing to rate it online, whether they like it or not. But at least one film was part of the viewer’s life, for better or for worse. Here, we’ve ranked the 10 that were the most talked about in the first part of 2022. Check them out below.

10 | Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets

At the beginning of the year, the fifth Panic was very successful, but ended up being left out, by a little, of this list of the most popular ones. On the other hand, we are sure that this configuration will soon change as more people watch blockbusters like Jurassic World – Dominion and lightyear, for example. But today, when this article is released, the two were also left out. Who comes in tenth position is third fantastic beastswhich was talked about due to the replacement of “unlucky” Johnny Depp per Mads Mikkelsen in the cast. For Brazilians there is one more reason, the presence of our countrywoman Maria Fernanda Candido killing us with pride in the cast. The film has over 101,000 audience ratings.

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Disney is no joke. So far, there is no Hotel Transylvaniafor the bad guys and not even for sonic 2 (at least in popularity, as the latter is one of the biggest financial hits of the year). The most popular animation with fans on the network’s largest movie site, IMDB, is Red: Growing up is a Beast, a movie released in March from Disney/Pixar, which tackles Asian culture and uses a girl’s transformation into a big red panda as a metaphor for her transition into puberty and teenage life. The animation has more than 102,000 audience ratings.

Speaking of postponed films, this production directed by Kenneth Branagh he went through a true epic until he managed to see the light of day, or the big screen. Its original premiere was scheduled for 2019, as it is a kind of continuation of Murder on the Orient Expresswith both films being based on books by Agatha Christie containing Inspector Poirot, and are directed by Branagh. Many even wondered if the film would actually be released in theaters or directly on streaming. In the plot, Poirot now investigates the murder of a young millionaire during a trip on a steamboat across the Nile River. In the cast, the attraction is the presence of Gal “Wonder Woman” Gadot. The thriller has over 120,000 audience ratings.

Surprise success of 2022, many point to this feature as the best of the year so far. This is something critics and the public seem to agree on. And the surprise is more than positive and welcome. It is very good to realize that films that are not very popular or that generate a lot of expectation for being an adaptation, continuation or remake, still manage to fall into popular taste and become the new phenomenon of the moment. This is precisely how we can define this feature starring the always great Michelle Yeohwhich functions as the antithesis of Marvel and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, despite addressing a similar issue. Here, a simple woman, the daughter of immigrants, discovers herself with the gift of traveling between realities and visiting other versions of herself across many universes. The film has over 126,000 audience ratings to date.

Treated as a failure for not having hit the mark at the box office – making $8 million over its budget alone, it was a difficult task to control the hype generated by this mix of drama, bloody adventure and suspense, straight out of the troubled mind of Robert Eggers. It turns out that the young filmmaker has conquered a status within the industry with his “art” films that are already born cult, making a good part of the viewers look forward to whatever his next work is. Something similar to what happens with Jordan Peele and Ari Aster – the trinity of current terror. Is for Eggersall it took was your first feature, The witch (2015), since then fans would see any of his works. And it seems that the filmmaker has been testing his audience with challenging works, such as The headlight (2019). Now with this film, he subverts the plot of Conan – The Barbarian. The film has over 129,000 audience ratings.

Sony was smart and capitalized on the astonishing and unprecedented hype generated by Spider-Man: No Return Homewhich simply brought together the three franchises that the hero has already had in cinema into one, and capitalized on the figure of the young protagonist Tom Holland. The Marvel hero movie was still running at full speed, when the same Sony decided to release the young star’s new film, also an adventure full of action, humor and effects, to surf the same wave. And it worked. uncharted, based on a series of video games, much loved by fans, a kind of Indiana Jones, not only became one of the most profitable in this first part of the year, but also one of the most popular, reaching fifth position. The adventure has more than 137,000 public reviews.

It wouldn’t be a list without some Netflix production making a huge success with the public. The number 1 streaming platform in the world, at first it was even seen as the biggest enemy of cinemas, but today it is seen as an ally. Be that as it may, the company produces gigantic super-productions, which do not owe anything in scope to the biggest blockbusters of today. Meanwhile shooting high and spiderhead are slowly growing in popular taste, the great movie on Netflix in this first half of 2022 (which last year saw army of the dead as an asset at the same time), it was even Project Adamscience fiction with adventure that decides to bet on the image of the new “golden boy” of the house, Ryan Reynolds (squad 6 and Red alert). In addition, the cast also includes two Marvel veterans, Mark Ruffalo (the Hulk) and Zoe Saldana (the Gamorra), and the direction of Shawn Levywho directed Reynolds in Free Guy and will command you in the new Deadpool. Project Adam It has more than 176,000 public ratings.

The way fate has smiled on Top Gun: Maverickwe do not doubt that very soon the blockbuster starring the star Tom Cruise surpass in popularity and number of evaluations the first placed on the list. Since its premiere at the prestigious Cannes festival in May, to a five-minute standing ovation, the second top gun has been making a hat-off career. The film became the highest rated on Rotten Tomatoes of the entire filmography of cruise, increasingly rising the impressive numbers at its box office, and making fans, casual audiences, artists and pundits alike tear all the silk possible and imaginable along the way. Until now, Maverick has over 190,000 audience ratings.

02 | Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

The latest MCU movie has just arrived on Disney Plus streaming and is available for everyone who didn’t have the opportunity to check it out on the big screen, or those who want to repeat the dose by honoring again the second solo film by Benedict Cumberbath as Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme. The blockbuster became the second most profitable film of the first half of 2022, coming very close to hitting the $1 billion barrier. But, proving the argument I used at the beginning of this text, the most profitable film at the box office is not the most popular with the general public on the internet. All right, it’s the second. Be that as it may, the greatest battle in the Doctor Strange this year might be against your housemates, as Thor: Love and Thunder is about to debut and at the end of the year, in November, we will have nothing less than black panther 2, Wakanda Forever. Who will win? The second Doctor Strange has over 245,000 fan reviews.

The first big hit of 2022 we never forget. The new Dark Knight movie was one of the most anticipated in recent times and it did not disappoint fans and critics alike. This is largely due to the fact that the character has become such a powerful pop icon that it is inevitable to generate great expectations on the part of moviegoers. Batman is an extremely profitable symbol for Warner/DC. A product of the highest level, comparable to the productions of 007, for example. His projects are always very well worked out and very well thought out. And with the most recent feature it was no different. From the choice of actors, to the unrecognizable transformation of some of them (such as Colin Farrell), to the proposal for a film more within the suspense genre, with high censorship, dirty and raw, which refers to works praised as seven, Zodiac and The suspects. Additionally, the reboot brings a younger Bruce Wayne into his early years as Gotham’s vigilante. Approved and with the sequel already confirmed. The Batman is the skyrocketing popularity leader of the year (so far), with over 522,000 audience ratings.

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