Green Day singer says he will renounce US citizenship

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has cursed the United States and said he is “renounce his citizenship” because of the repeal of abortion rights in the country.

The statement came during a concert last Friday (24), in London, before he started singing “American Idiot”, whose lyrics are a criticism of American society.

“F*ck America. I’m giving up my citizenship. I’m coming here,” Armstrong told the audience. “There’s too much stupidity in the world to go back to this miserable country,” he added in criticism of the US Supreme Court’s decision on abortion.

He added that he was “not joking” about his statement and that the British would “have a lot” of him “in the next few days”.

Armstrong is known for his strong stance against US policies. Before, he has publicly criticized former President Donald Trump.

Other artists demonstrated over the weekend against the repeal of the country’s constitutional right to legal abortion, in effect in the country since 1973. The Supreme Court’s decision was announced on Friday.

Singer Olivia Rodrigo was one of those who criticized the resolution on stage. During her performance at the Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom, she invited Lilly Allen to sing “F*ck you” (in Portuguese, “F*da-se”) and dedicated the song to the magistrates of the highest instance of US Justice. .

Before singing, she said she was “devastated and terrified” at the impacts the resolution will have on women.

“So many women and girls are going to die because of this and I want to dedicate this next song to the five members of the Supreme Court who showed us that they really don’t give a damn about freedom,” Olivia declared.

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