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An unusual move marked the departure between Tombense and Náuticofor Serie B of the Brazilian Championship (look above). At six minutes into the second half, Timbu’s goalkeeper, Lucas Perri, took a free-kick in the defensive field, slipped and touched the ball twice in a row, which is not allowed by the rule.

The referee of the match, Leonardo Willers Lorenzatto, only gave the yellow card initially, but was called by VAR and gave Perri the red card afterwards. With one less, Náutico held off the pressure until the 50th of the final stage, when the referee marked a controversial penalty, and Ciel converted to secure the draw for Tombense.

  • Jean Carlos vents after controversial penalty: “How long will this happen? This ridiculous thing”

Lucas Perri fumbles, touches the ball twice...

Lucas Perri fumbles, touches the ball twice…

All the confusion originated in a foul near the area of ​​the goalkeeper alvirrubro. Lucas Perri asked the team’s defenders to advance and took charge of the charge. At the moment of hitting the ball, he slipped on the lawn, touched it for the first time, and then, to prevent striker Ciel from dominating, kicked forward.

...and get the red card

…and get the red card

By rule, a player cannot touch the ball twice in a row in a free kick, being considered an infraction. As the goalkeeper prevented a clear goal situation, as Ciel would be facing the goal, VAR called the match referee and recommended sending off.

Lucas Perri, goalkeeper of Náutico, — Photo: Aldo Carneiro/Pernambuco Press

The goalkeeper even complained about the move, as did other Náutico players, but the referee kept the decision and the young Renan had to replace Perri in the white goal.

In the discussion of the move, midfielder Jean Carlos ended up receiving a yellow card for a complaint and as he was hanging, he is out of the game against Criciúma, next Wednesday. Goalkeeper Lucas Perri, of course, will also need to serve the suspension for sending off.

Tombense vs Náutico - Best Moments

Tombense vs Náutico – Best Moments

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