Jennifer Aniston, peace and admiration from her father, John Aniston

Jennifer Aniston practically honored her fatherJohn Aniston, for the 49th Emmy Awards on Friday night.

John, 88 years old Received a Lifetime Achievement Award During this year’s gala for his 37th Anniversary performance of Victor Kyriakis on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives”.

Susan Rogers, co-star of John’s Days of Our Lives, presented the award shortly before A video of Jennifer Aniston was shown on the screen during the ceremony. In the clip, the actress praised her father’s brilliant career.

“This is a very special time for me,” said Jennifer, 53. “It’s an opportunity not only to A tribute to a true TV iconbut also an opportunity to learn about the lifelong achievements of a great and respected actor, who is also my father.”

“John has been in television for over half a century,” continues Jennifer Aniston, before listing her father’s long list of TV appearances.

the actress said so Your father worked on many projects “She appeared simultaneously in every TV series imaginable. You pick one at random… I’m sure there was.”

“For more than 30 years, his dedication to television and entertainment has been Gained respect and admiration of his fellow actors, his deep friendships and the admiration of millions of fans around the world.” “Your career is literally the definition of a career.”

Although John Aniston could not be there in person, he received much applause from the audience for his distinguished career.

John at the beginning of Jennifer Aniston’s career..

Jennifer (Aniston) is a natural talent“There are some things you can learn as an actor, but there are other things you need to have innate, including the comic instinct, which is your greatest asset,” his father said in the 1990s.

Jennifer Aniston won an Emmy in 2002 during her 10-year career playing Rachel Green on the NBC sitcom.

Showing Aniston’s admiration on stage was the sweetest moment for a father and daughter whose relationship was at times turbulent.

Jennifer Aniston and John
Jennifer Aniston in the 2019 photo she shared with her dad

In 2019, Jennifer complimented her dad with a sepia photo of a baby hugging him with her arms around his neck.

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