Low consumption: TCL announces OLED display with 0.016 Hz refresh rate for smart watches

TCL presented a new generation of screens with OLED technology that promise to extend the autonomy of smart watches. In the last week, we got to know your first solutions capable of achieving a minimum refresh rate of 0.016 Hz — this means that the display is only updated once per minute.

This update frequency is entirely suitable for smartwatches. “Hertz” represents the “cycles” or number of times the screen is updated in one second, so it takes just over a minute for the display content to change just once (0.016 Hz x 60 seconds = 0, 96 cycles per minute).

The screens are made with OLED, ensuring even lower consumption compared to LCD, and uses the LTPO technology to deliver adaptive rates up to 60 Hz. The slim bezels measure just 0.8 millimeters at the sides and top and 1.2 millimeters at the bottom.

It is worth remembering that the refresh rate of a panel is directly proportional to battery consumption — the higher the display frequency, the more energy is spent. In a scenario where the autonomy of smart watches is still not very advantageous, the rate of 0.016 Hz brings more convenience and efficiency to the segment.

TCL claims that the new displays are capable of saving up to 20% battery life over its current solution with a minimum of 15 Hz. The hardware will be mass-produced with rectangular and circular shapes and sizes of 1.36”, 1.5” and 1.92”.

The first smartwatches equipped with the 0.016 Hz panels are expected to be released over the next few months through TCL’s partner manufacturers. In a related note, the Chinese company presented at the beginning of the month a new technology of OLED screens for cell phones with a curved design that goes beyond the limits of the edges.

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