REVIEW | Avell A72 HYB – a lot of performance in a very thin notebook

The Avell A72 HYB is a high-performance notebook equipped with a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor combined with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti, all in a compact design aimed at professional consumers and gamers alike.

In addition to the high performance of the graphics chips and the processor, the notebook stands out for a very compact design and a high quality screen, with Quad HD resolution and a refresh rate of 240Hz.

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Main specifications of the tested model:

– Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070Ti 8GB GDDR6
– Intel Core i7-12700H
– 15.6″ IPS 144Hz Full HD display (1920×1080)
– 2x8GB DDR4 @3200MHz
– 512GB SSD M.2
– 1.7kg and 1.9cm
– From BRL 13,939.00

– Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070Ti 8GB GDDR6
– Intel Core i7-12700H
– 15.6″ IPS 144Hz Full HD display (1920×1080)
– 2x8GB DDR4 @3200MHz
– 512GB SSD M.2
– 1.7kg and 1.9cm
– From BRL 13,939.00


The Avell A72 HYB has an approach that is well-known in many of Avell’s products: a straightforward, minimalist approach, using a very generic case with straight lines and few visual details. It won’t draw the attention of those who wanted a notebook or even a gaming device with more personality, but for a more pragmatic person, it’s great.

It impresses with discretion thanks to a number of factors. The first is the use of gray color in a matte finish, while another factor that contributed to this aspect is its size. It’s impressively compact for a device equipped with a Core i7-12700H and an RTX 3070 Ti. In such a thin and light profile, you can be fooled into thinking that this is not a high-performance notebook, but an everyday device.

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The screen is among the highlights of this product. In addition to the good quality of the display, with good contrasts, colors and low viewing angles, it has very relevant specifications for gamers, such as a 240Hz refresh rate. The very thin bezels around the display are a major factor in the very compact profile of this model.

Speaking of connectivity, we have a very complete model. The highlight is a USB Type-C port with Thunderbolt 4 support, a very capable and comprehensive technology in supporting data transfers and even power. It also has USB 3.2 Gen 2×1 Type-A, capable of reaching 10Gb/s, two USB 3.2 Gen 1×1 Type-A ports with a maximum speed of 5Gb/s, in addition to an HDMI 2.1 with support for up to [email protected] and a traditional RJ-45 to network cable with 10/100/1000/2500 network support. This and the WiFi6 on the Intel platform make this notebook a very complete product in terms of connectivity, and it only needs one thing: a full-size card reader, but here we have MicroSD support, which can already serve some professionals.

For those with an eye on upgrade and maintenance possibilities, the Avell A72 HYB maintains the company’s style of delivering products that are easy to open and move. Just remove the screws and the entire bottom cover is easily removed, giving access to the memory slots, the two NVMe SSD slots, and also possible maintenance on the cooling system, such as cleaning and thermal paste replacement, for those who face this procedure type. Something interesting is that the bottom cover has heatsinks, to help cool the SSDs.


If there’s one thing that impresses about the HYB, it’s its hardware, even more so when you consider that it’s so thin and light. It has the combination of the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti, a graphics chip that is not the most powerful of Nvidia, but that is also not far from it, while the processor is the Intel Core i7-12700H, a 12th generation Intel Core processor.

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The Core i7 is a very robust processor, with Intel’s hybrid architecture that combines performance cores and performance cores. The Core i7-12700H packs a total of 6 performance cores and 8 more performance cores, in an array with a total of 20 threads. All these structures, combined with the high performance per core of the Alder Lake architecture, results in a very competent CPU for both high frame rate games and professional use.

The RTX 3070 Ti is a slightly more modest implementation than the 7424 CUDA cores of the 3080 Ti, but we are still talking about 5888 processing cores, something that represents a 50% jump over the amount of structures of the popular RTX 3060, for example. Combined with the 8GB of memory, we have a chip that can handle Quad HD resolution in high quality and even 4K with the help of technologies like Nvidia DLSS or AMD FSR.

Tests – Applications


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Adobe Premiere


The traditional benchmark tool provides an overview of the system’s performance facing heavy cycles for both graphics chip and processor. We ran two variations, which include the traditional Firestrike and the more modern Time Spy, which makes use of the new DirectX 12 API.

Tests – Esports

Competitive style games are demanding both on the graphics chip, which needs to make the frames, and on the processor, which needs to have high performance to handle high frame rate gameplay.

To help you understand the following graphics: in competitive games the ideal is to aim for the highest frame rate, preferably above 100fps

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
The competitive game is based on DirectX 9 and, despite the low performance requirements on the graphics card, because it is an eSport, the ideal is to reach very high frame rates – something that brings high load to both CPU and GPU.

Rainbow Six Siege
The game received an update that made the Vulkan APU available. Despite being light, it is a CPU demanding game to achieve high frame rates.

Tests – Heavy Games

To help you understand the following graphics: above 60fps is ideal for monitors that operate at this frequency. The closer to 30fps, the worse the fluidity becomes and below 30 the game starts to become “unplayable.”

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
Ubisoft’s open world game is very demanding on hardware, both in the complexity of cities and their stress on the processor and in the details of the models and their load on the graphics card. It is based on the AnvilNext 2.0 graphics engine, the same initially implemented in AC: Unity.


Grand Theft Auto V is among the biggest successes of recent years, bringing among its highlights good graphic quality. It is one of the games that uses the most CPU, being a great test to see the behavior and difference between this component.

Red Dead Redemption 2
RockStar game, with beautiful graphics and a good reference to measure the behavior of systems. Our test considers the game running on the Vulkan API, which behaved better on both AMD and Nvidia cards.


With powerful hardware, the A72 HYB holds up to 4 hours unplugged in light activities and in energy saving mode, putting it in neither good nor bad territory in that regard.

Heating and noise

Heating was a topic that worried me a lot, considering the high performance of the components and the little space for cooling the case. Surprisingly, the notebook maintained temperatures within the expected range for the graphics chip and processor, maintaining high operating frequencies and high performance throughout the tests.

The only negative factor was the fan rotation. They are in a high rotation to maintain this good level of heating and performance, generating a noticeable noise level, but nothing insane considering the noise level that gaming notebooks make on average. And for those who want to make it quieter, you can give up a little performance to make it more discreet, but to take its full potential, it’s good to play with a headset.


The A72 HYB brings a custom interface software to Avell. The most important element is that it is customized for Brazilian Portuguese, and together with the very clean and straightforward interface, it makes it easy to change the notebook’s settings.

Among the possible adjustments is the change of keyboard lighting and the LED bar below the touchpad, display configuration, information about the components and also adjustments to the notebook’s operation. Something I liked is that it became very easy to change the notebook’s fan curve, making it easier to make it quieter, and it’s also practical to mess with the TCC, the Thermal Control Circuit, making it possible for the consumer to reduce the processor’s operating temperature limit. Yes, finally a practical way to stop the Intel Core from hitting 100ºC, and it is possible to offset it by up to 10ºC, reducing its temperature limit to 90ºC, without having to use third-party software like ThrottleStop.

gameplay video


The Avell A72 HYB impressed me in the balance between performance and portability. Even with such a compact structure, it managed to keep the Intel Core i7-12700H processor and the RTX 3070 Ti graphics chip in high performance, delivering some of the best results in our tests so far. It’s a notebook with full conditions to make good use of the display’s high refresh rate, or to “make it” at work, going through more extreme renders without difficulties.

But the compact size impacted other elements. It can’t be very discreet under high load, and to maintain temperatures and performance, the fans operate at high speed. It’s not as noisy as products we’ve tested in the past, but in that respect it’s just average. Something that is feasible, and that we are going to show in the video gameplay, is that its chips have such performance that it is feasible to lower its frequencies, reduce its heating, make it quiet and still play at a high frame rate. It involves a bit of tuning, but it’s possible thanks to the great computing power of the chips equipped here.

With so many positive points and so much performance, the only impediment is the price. With hardware of this size, its cost exceeds R$ 13 thousand, a value that is not for everyone. But putting the 240Hz screen, the 12th generation Core i7 processor and the RTX 3070 Ti on the balance, you can’t say that it’s an easy price to face, but that it’s within reality and it’s even a relatively affordable model for this hardware profile.

High performance for games and professional applications

Great 240Hz screen

Updated with WiFi6 and Thuderbolt 4

Card reader (but only microSD)

Brazilian standard keyboard with numerics and customizable lighting

Generic look

High Price

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