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Published 06/25/2022 16:25

The Civil House of the Government of Rio notified Maracanã, Flamengo and Fluminense so that the decision to prevent Vasco from playing at the stadium, against Sport, be reconsidered, under penalty of sanctions provided for in the contract. The information is from the website ‘Ge’ and was confirmed by the report.

After the refusal to send his game on July 3 for Serie B, Vasco moved with the State Government to try to release it and also went to court. In the notification, the Civil House alleges that there is a “flagrant violation of the terms of the Term of Reference and other documents” in the Term of Permission for Use of the Complex, which prevents matches from other clubs in Rio from being unjustifiably vetoed in the stadium.

The Consortium that takes care of Maracanã, however, maintains the technical argument that another match would harm the state of the lawn, which was recently renovated, at a cost of R$ 4 million, and already shows signs of wear with the matches of the duo Fla. -Flow

Clause 19 of the Maracanã Permission Term provides for sanctions ranging from fines to the cancellation of the permit to Flamengo, which is the permit holder, and Fluminense, the consenting intervening party. Rubro-Negro will go to court against the decision and intends to attach documents that prove the need not to increase games in the stadium and the history of damages in other years because of the excess of matches.

Action by councilors in the MP
Rio councilors Tarcísio Motta (PSOL) and Alexandre Isquierdo (União) also sent a letter to the Public Ministry of Rio to ask for an investigation into the decision to veto Vasco. The club claims that the decision is retaliation for the claim in relation to the rent charged (R$250,000 plus R$130 of expenses in the operation of the stadium) by Maracanã in the match against Cruzeiro.

“The Maracanã is public! It was built and renovated (several times) with public money! Its concession cannot go against the interests of all citizens. The consortium’s denial is baseless, absurd and made us call the MP. all the fans”, wrote Tarcísio on Twitter.

Flamengo’s vice footballer and also councilor Marcos Braz (PL) replied to the post by his colleague from Vasco: “When it’s to pay maintenance expenses, it’s not (public)”.

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