São Paulo’s performances: Luciano is fasting; Calleri and Miranda miss big chances | Sao Paulo

Lucian: tried, tried and sometimes abused the attempts. In two moves in the first stage, he was “starved” with Eder and Rigoni. He seems eager to break his nearly two-month fast without hitting the net. He was eventually replaced by Igor Vinicius halfway through the second half. He made a lot of mistakes in decision making. He follows away from the striker who delighted the fans. Note: 4.0.

Igor Gomes: one of the few players usually starting this Sunday’s game, the midfielder showed himself to be participative and created the main opportunities for São Paulo in the first stage. He continued to distribute the game well in the final part, but saw the team little take advantage of these passes that generated scoring opportunities. Note: 6.5.

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Miranda: secure performance in the defensive field, with both two and three defenders. However, on the other side of the field, he missed São Paulo’s main scoring opportunity. In the small area, alone, the veteran missed the shot that could open the scoring. Should gain a streak with Arboleda’s absence. Note: 6.0.

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Calleri: after resting in the first half, the Brasileirão’s top scorer showed his usual disposition and gave the Juventude team work. From a dispute in which he divided by the high came the chance wasted by Miranda. He finished high with danger. In stoppage time, he missed another opportunity that would give the Tricolor victory. Note: 5.5.

São Paulo was in a goalless draw this Sunday — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

Check out the scores of São Paulo players:

  • Jandrei [GOL]: 6.0
  • Rafinha [LAD]: 4.5
  • (Diego Costa [ZAG]: 5.5)
  • Miranda [ZAG]: 6.0
  • leo [ZAG]: 5.0
  • Wellington [LAE]: 6.0
  • Pablo Maia [VOL]: 5.5
  • Igor Gomes [MEI]: 6.5
  • Patrick [MEI]: 5.5
  • (Rodrigo Nestor [MEI]: 6.0)
  • Rigoni [ATA]: 5.5
  • (Andre Anderson [MEI]: no grade)
  • Eder [ATA]: 5.0
  • (Calleri [ATA]: 5.5)
  • Lucian [ATA]: 4.0
  • (Igor Vinicius [LAD]: 6.0)

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“Terrible Result”, says Caio | The Voice of the Crowd

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