Steam Deck: Valve warns not to make modification that allows installation of larger M.2 SSD

Mod can cause greater heating and decrease device life

In the last few days, some publications around the internet have been showing how to make a specific modification to use larger M.2 SSDs in the Steam Deck. The experiments have been successful, expanding the possibilities of using new storage drives. But a Steam designer, Lawrence Yang, recommends not doing so, as it can shorten the life of the device due to overheating.

In tweet responding to some publications from sites like GameSpot and PC Gamer talking about the matter, Yang said: “please don’t do this. The charger IC gets very hot and nearby thermal pads should not be removed. Also, most M.2 2242 drives draw more power and stay longer. hotter than the Deck was built to withstand. This mod may seem to work, but it will significantly decrease the health of your Deck.”

The default M.2 SSDs that the Steam Deck supports is 2230, which is lower than the 2242 used with the modifications.

Modification doesn’t require much and seems to work

The first person who made the mod and made it available on the internet was the Twitter user called TheSmcelrea. In his tweet, he said that the PCB accommodates the adaptation of a larger drive welland that it doesn’t “collide with anything on the motherboard or strain any cables”.

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However, to accommodate the M.2 2242 SSD, it was necessary move cables and thermal pads and the heat spreader would bend a little, but nothing to a point where it would damage the part. But, it’s always worth remembering, that any physical modification to hardware that goes beyond the manufacturer’s technical specifications has a chance of going wrong at some point, especially on a laptop.

There is another way to increase the Steam Deck’s storage capacity, which is through the microSD slot. This Linus Tech Tips test shows that a microSD card can only lag about three seconds behind the game load that an M.2 SSD can deliver.

While for us, Brazilians, the Steam Deck seems like a myth and doesn’t have a date to arrive here, it has already been sold in some markets since February and has more than 3,000 verified games.


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