Street cat rejected several times is adopted by store and sales improve

Wallace is an orange kitten, very docile and friendly, who lives in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the United States. The feline spent two years at an animal shelter waiting to be adopted by a loving family, when that moment finally came, Wallace was given more than a home, but also a mission.

He was adopted by a woman named Kelly Vore, who owns Downtown Home and Garden in Ann Arbor, a store that sells gardening equipment. The establishment’s structure has a barn attached to the parking lot, which attracts many rodents, so Kelly needed a cat to catch mice.

In this sense, Wallace won the mission to take care of the place and keep it clean of rodents, so that customers are not surprised when visiting the new tutor’s store.

The feline is very grateful for the home he has won, and he takes this mission very seriously. The kitten lives in the garden shop, has a bed, food, water and everything else he needs at his disposal.

According to the owner, the feline is an active cat and needs space to explore, and the apartment where he lives is very small and monotonous, so he keeps the cat in the store.

Trade and sales have greatly improved with Wallace’s presence, in addition to keeping rodents away, customers love interacting with the animal.

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