Textor doesn’t see Zahavi and James Rodríguez as ‘failures’ at Botafogo: ‘I’ll keep missing opportunities because I’m going after players with a 2% chance of coming’

Majority shareholder of SAF of Botafogo, John Textor did not classify as “failures” the recent frustrated negotiations by Zahavi and James Rodriguez. The Israeli attacker decided to return to Maccabi Tel Aviv and has already been announced, while the Colombian star wants to perform in Europe.

We cannot classify these business opportunities as failures. I’m going to keep missing these opportunities because I’m going after players with a 2% chance of coming. If I dream of Cavani or James Rodriguez, I go after them. It’s irrational to say “Look, what a failure.” Do you know how difficult it is to convince European-level players who have no ties to Brazil? – said John Textor to the ESPN in the mixed zone after the classic against Fluminense, this Sunday (26/6), at Estádio Nilton Santos.

Textor praised Zahavi and said the security issue weighed heavily.

He (Zahavi) is an amazing guy. We exchange a lot of messages and it has a lot to do with the security issues here. Particularly, there was the issue of security with his family at the last club he played for (PSV) – recalled John Textor, and then talked about James:

James Rodriguez? Of course he is trying to prove himself in Europe. He’s not ready to come back, but we’ll keep in his ear.

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