The Worst Nominees from 2000 to 2022

From “The Bicentennial Man” to “A Prince in New York 2”, Caio Pimenta lists the worst Oscar nominated films between 2000 and 2022.

FROM 2000 TO 2010

The Oscars 2000 was an excellent season, after all, 1999 was one of the best years in Hollywood in recent times. Still, he had that questionable nominee.

Nominated for Best Makeup, “The Bicentennial Man” does not convince as science fiction, drama or comedy, being a disappointment after the partnership between Chris Columbus and Robin Williams in “A Nearly Perfect Babysitter”.

In 2001, “The Patriot” exaggerates the nationalism and makes the film a difficult experience to see outside even for those who love the USA.

Interesting is that, even so, “O Patriota” was nominated in three categories: Photography, Soundtrack and Sound.

Following the American patriotic genre, “Pearl Harbor” he was the worst of all the 2002 nominees; and it looks like it was launched at the time as a kind of successor to “Titanic”.

As early as 2003, I apologize to “Star Wars” fans, but the sleeping pill Attack of the Clones nominated for Visual Effects, deserves this space.

The following year, I have to be fair: for me, there are no bad movies nominated in any category.

The only restriction I make is the “Seabiscuit” for everything involving”God’s city”.

I know what I’m about to say may be unpopular, but, “The Phantom of the Opera” with three nominations in 2005 was the worst that season.

impossible to run away from “The Fight for Hope”in 2006, “Superman Returns”in 2007, “Norbit”in 2008, “Bolt”in 2009, and “The Imaginary World of Doctor Parnassus”in 2010.

FROM 2011 TO 2022

who said the Clint Eastwood can not appear in this list? Unfortunately, in 2011 he forced with “Beyond life”one of the worst films of his career.

In the next edition, he had the worst of all on this list, the great champion “Transformers – The Hidden Side of the Moon”. And he already represents the entire series that could be in several years, but I leave it represented by this bomb.

Hitchcock” could be the worst of 2013, but, “Prometheus” excelled. A stain on the “Alien” series and Ridley Scott’s career.

Johnny Depp already showed total decline with “The lonely knight”Disney super production nominated for Visual Effects in 2014.

“Invincible” it was Angelina Jolie’s bet to reach Best Picture and Direction, but she only got the spot in Photography and it was already a good size, oh, oh bad movie.

fifty shades of gray dakota johnson jamie dornan

In the year of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, “Fifty Shades of grey” appeared at the Oscars in Original Song with The Weeknd, but, thankfully, was without a statuette.

In 2017, I could cite “Suicide squad”but folks, let’s not forget to “Passengers”a real bomb, totally wrong with bad performances from Chris Pratt and the Jennifer Lawrence.

Next year, well, I’m definitely going to split opinions, but I can’t convince myself with “The Destiny of a Nation”.

Despite the Gary Oldman very well, it’s a conventional period drama with absolutely nothing that we haven’t seen several times, a lazy direction by Joe Wright, in short, it’s a classic traditional British film that the Academy always falls for.

“Vice” had a good chance of appearing as the worst, but, “Han Solo” won the post with merit in 2019.

Then comes the completely expendable new version of “The Lion King” followed by “Tenet”one of the messiest works of recent American cinema with Christopher Nolan at the edge of the pedantic.

To close, we had this year “A Prince in New York 2” and the constant nominations of the Eddie Murphy films in Makeup & Hairstyle.

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