Vasco wins, but Endrick scores 2 and Palmeiras wins Copa do Brasil under-17 – 06/26/2022

Palmeiras won today (26) the Copa do Brasil sub-17. Despite having lost to Vasco by the score of 4 to 2 at São Januário stadium, the team had the advantage of the first game (4 to 1) and had a good performance by Endrick. He scored both goals for alviverde, while André, Rayan, Gabriel Vareta (against) and Lipão scored for the Maltino cross.

Endrick was the competition’s top scorer with eight goals in six games.

Vasco opened the scoring early on, at eight minutes. André moved inside the penalty area and received a great shot; without dominating, he already sent it straight to the net. The team continued to press in the second half and Rayan extended it, at 10, after dribbling two opponents, with a little touch over goalkeeper César.

Palmeiras, in the lead, found themselves against the wall and managed to decrease soon after. Endrick received the ball in midfield, held two defenders and played for Figueiredo, who played for Thalys. He returned it to Endrick, free, to lower the score.

At 23, Vasco managed to score one more goal. Gustavinho entered the Palmeiras era on the right side of the attack and crossed to the middle; Gabriel Vareta, from Palmeiras, veered off the path and sent it to his own net. At 36, Endrick scored another goal. Ramon was fouled close to the penalty area and the striker sent a left-handed bomb in the corner, with no chance for the Vasco goalkeeper.

Hopes remained alive for the Maltese cross. At 42, after a corner kick, Lyncoln rose higher than the defense and sent the crossbar. The ball ran over the goal line and Lipão arrived quickly to complete it with a header: 4 to 2 on the scoreboard.

In the game, Vitor Reis, from Palmeiras, fell unconscious after a tackle. He was taken by ambulance from the stadium, received care and is awake. He will pass exams.

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