“According to me” made by artificial intelligence can become a reality

the founder of Schmidt Futures stated that in up to five years humans will have a kind of “according to me” created by artificial intelligence and who will act as your representative in certain circumstances. In this sense, if you want to better understand what this artificial intelligence that will act as your representativejust keep reading this article.

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Understand what the “second me” of artificial intelligence is

According to the entrepreneur, the idea is for each one to have a system to support various activities. Some of them include doing activities together, talking about different topics, as well as representing you in some situations where you have some limitations.

Also, another gimmick mentioned by Eric Schmidt is that artificial intelligence will also have a powerful advice-giving system. So, if you have doubts about whether a certain person is good or bad, if a place is dangerous at that time or which route you should take to travel, you can ask your “second self”

Does AI have a personality of its own?

While some people might think that AIs have a personality of their own and are 100% autonomous, this is not true. What actually happens is that Google’s LaMDA is so intense, it makes you believe you’re talking to someone who actually has knowledge. She is helpful but unconscious.

Artificial intelligence is a system that is constantly learning, as Schmidt said at a conference. But we cannot stand by while innovations change our lives. A child’s best friend cannot be a machine. So, although it can be very useful and functional for various activities, the truth is that AI is not, and shouldn’t be, equal to a person.

Finally, he emphasized that humans cannot let machines decide whether to engage in combat or not, as that is dangerous. After all, several other aspects that are not computed and analyzed by robots must always be taken into account.

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