Amber Heard will publish book about relationship with Johnny Depp to pay compensation to actor, says site Rolling Stone

Amber Heard would be interested in the opportunity, as she ‘is not in a position to turn down money’, according to sources close to the actress

Amber Heard would be in talks to write a book revealing the intimate details of his life and relationship history with Johnny Deppaccording to information from the OK! Magazine. A source close to the actress would also have revealed her upcoming career plans.

heard was ordered to pay $15 million in damages to the deppfor the article she wrote in 2018 for the newspaper The Washington Post. In it, the artist does not cite depp, but claims to be a “public figure representing domestic abuse” in addition to a host of damaging allegations.

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Unable to bear the damage, amber would even have filed a lawsuit to appeal the jury’s decision. As reported Elaine Bredehoftlawyer of heardto todaythe artist intends to appeal the decision, in which she must pay US$ 15 million to deppa figure reduced to $10.35 million by the judge.

A source close to the actress informed that the protagonist of Aquaman “is not in a position to refuse money” and considers her career as an actress to be over after all the events in court and, therefore, is inclined to accept the literary proposal.

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Divorce expert Dror Bikel told the OK! Magazine that the actress can lose once again with the content of the book, having greater chances of receiving possible lawsuits from the star of Pirates of the Caribbean (2003).

Depp and his lawyers will be reading and listening to everything Heard says. If she slips up, which is likely, there’s no doubt she’ll be hit with another libel suit and she’ll end up back in court.

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