América-MG x Botafogo: tickets on sale for Thursday’s match for the Copa do Brasil

Ticket sales for América-MG x Botafogo began at 2 pm on Monday (27), a game that takes place on Thursday (30), at 7 pm, at Arena Independência, for the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil.

The white-and-white fans, who will be in the Ismênia Visiting Chair sector, accessing through Gate 10, can now purchase tickets for R$50 (full) and R$25 (half) online. On the day of the game, the stadium ticket office will also work.

In the duel for the Brazilian Championship, in May, Botafogo’s fans attended in weight, to the point that the board of América-MG had to open another sector. Black-and-whites were the majority at the time (2,285, or 54% of the audience).

Service | Tickets for América-MG x Botafogo:


See the prices below and understand the discounts:

America FC fans

Gate 3 (Special Pitangui Sector): BRL 60.00/BRL 30.00 (half)

Gate 4 (Vip Pitangui Sector): no sale

visiting crowd

Gate 10 (Ismênia Visitor Chair): R$50.00/R$25.00

Onda Verde Supporter Member will be entitled to Double Access.

– VIP member – you can buy 1 whole and 1 half with 90% discount. The extra ticket would cost BRL 6 (full) and BRL 3 (half) at P3.

– American Partner and Family – you can buy 1 whole and 1 half with 70% discount. The extra ticket would cost R$ 18 reais (full) and R$ 9 reais (half) in P3.

– Young Member – You can buy 1 whole and 1 half with 50% off. The extra ticket would cost R$ 30 reais (full) and R$ 15 reais (half) in P3.

*We reinforce that only the plan holder can make the purchase at a discount. Removal by third parties will not be authorized.

Online sales:

Online sales opening hours:

06/27 at 14:00h

Closing hours for online sales:

06/30 at 18:00h

Physical Sale:

Physical sales opening hours:

06/28 at 14:00h

Points of Sale Addresses:

America’s Official Store – Av. dos Andradas, nº 3000, G1 floor of Boulevard Shopping, Santa Efigênia neighborhood, BH/MG.

Independência Stadium – Pitangui Ticket Office – Rua Pitangui, nº 3230, Horto neighborhood, BH/MG.

crowd Visitor – Estádio Independência – Ticket office Ismênia – Rua Pitangui, nº 3230, Horto neighborhood, BH/MG. (Only open on the day of the game for ticket sales by visiting fans).

Physical sales hours:

28/06 from 14:00h to 21:00h. (Official America Store)

29/06 from 14:00h to 21:00h. (Official America Store)

29/06 from 10:00h to 17:00h. (Stadium – Pitangui Ticket Office)

30/06 from 10:00h to 19:45h. (Stadium – Pitangui and Ismênia box office)

HALF ENTRY – It is sold just a ticket half ticket per document, upon presentation of the documents required at the time of purchase and at the entrance to the stadium:

For students: Identity Card and Student ID.

For people over 60 and under 12: Identity Card or Birth Certificate.

Opening hours for access to the Stadium: 17:00h (Brasilia time)
Closing time for access to the Stadium: 15 minutes of the 2nd half.

Withdrawal of children’s gratuities:

– The collection of free child care guaranteed by law will be carried out at the Administrative Headquarters of América FC (Av. and 29/06 from 14:00 to 21:00, and at Estádio Independência – Box Office Pitangui (Rua Pitangui, nº 3.230, Horto neighborhood, BH/MG) on 29/06 from 10:00 to 17:00, according to procedures determined by the public authorities .

– Withdrawal can only be made by the parent or legal guardian of the minor under 12 years old upon presentation of the parent/guardian’s identity document and the minor’s identity document or birth certificate. (Original Document or Authenticated Copy)
Heads up; it is mandatory that the document of the minor under 12 has the minor’s CPF

– It is mandatory to carry a valid ticket for the same sector of the gratuity to be withdrawn.

– The free withdrawal is exclusive to children under 12 years of age, therefore, it does not apply to people over 60 years of age or PCD and their companions.

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