Brazilian Kens lived dramas; one of them died at age 20

Maurício, Celso and Jessica (ex-Rodrigo): becoming a human puppet demanded too much from the body and mind

Maurício, Celso and Jessica (ex-Rodrigo): becoming a human puppet demanded too much from the body and mind

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Fans of the most famous doll couple are ecstatic with the film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the roles of Barbie and Ken. The romantic comedy will hit theaters in July 2023.

In Brazil, some boys resorted to different procedures in order to keep the face and body of the doll created in 1961 in the United States.

Born in Araxá, Celso Santebañes spent 2014 in the media for embodying the character. He was in several TV shows, participated in events and was preparing the launch of his own toy, the Celso Doll.

Based in São Paulo, the Minas Gerais-born used his visibility in the media to try to leverage his acting career. He was in drama school and wanted to save money to try his luck in Los Angeles. He had a dream of acting in Hollywood productions.

It all started to unravel in January 2015, when he received confirmation of the diagnosis of acute lymphocytic leukemia after tests ordered by a doctor because of an infection caused by the hydrogel injected into parts of his body.

He immediately changed his artist schedule for chemotherapy sessions. She shared the day to day treatment with fans. Celso believed in healing and even started writing a book about the battle against cancer.

He had the support of his girlfriend, model Jennifer Pamplona, ​​known as Susi Humana for being the flesh and blood version of Barbie’s rival doll.

His health deteriorated before he could receive the long-awaited bone marrow transplant. In May, he was admitted to the Hospital de Clínicas of the Federal University of Uberlândia.

Weakened, he contracted bacterial pneumonia. He needed to be sedated and had his breathing controlled by machines. On the afternoon of May 4 of that year, Santebañes died at the age of 20.

The wake attracted hundreds of people in Araxá. The human miner Ken was buried next to his older brother, Celimar, who had died years before, at 18, a victim of a virus.

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in the roles of Ken and Barbie

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in the roles of Ken and Barbie

Photo: reproduction

The family experienced another loss in the aftermath. A month and a half after saying goodbye to Celso, his father, the 52-year-old gardener Célio, died as a result of serious injuries from being run over.

Santebañes had fights in the press with another Ken, Maurício Galdi. The paulista, graduated in Marketing and with a record as a professional actor, invested in dozens of procedures – from nose job to remodeling of the eye area – to look more like the Mattel doll.

He managed to have an international career. He was part of the cast of the reality shows ‘House of Dolls’ and ‘Plastics of Hollywood’, in the United States, alongside other people transformed into characters. He has also appeared on European channel TV shows.

At the height of his fame, Galdi had an eye disease and collapsed from severe depression. He ended up smothered by success and the pressure to maintain a perfect look.

He gave up being the Brazilian Ken and sought refuge with his family. He moved to the Holy Spirit. Today, at 33, he has a less exposed life in the media.

The third Brazilian ‘human puppet’ to live a drama was Rodrigo Alves. He has projected himself internationally by endless aesthetic corrections to increasingly resemble Barbie’s boyfriend.

Victim of childhood bullying for being “chubby and ugly”, in his words, the model from São Paulo saw in the figure of Ken the chance to achieve the desired self-acceptance and, at the same time, show the world that he could adapt to the required standard of beauty. by society.

After already being famous for his 80 surgeries, he took the courage to make another radical change: he came out as transgender. Rodrigo became Jessica.

She gained voluminous breasts, a pert butt, curves and long hair. A ‘charged’ Barbie. She also did sexual resignation and now has a female sexual organ.

She recently underwent a vocal cord intervention to have a voice more suited to her new gender identity. She plans to dare more: undergo a uterus transplant. She dreams of having her own child. At 39, she is finally happy with herself.

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