Ceará leaves behind, but seeks a draw with Atlético-GO at Arena Castelão for the 2022 Serie A – Play

O Ceará tied with the Atlético-GO 1-1, this Sunday (26), for the 14th round of the 2022 Serie A. At Arena Castelão, the alvinegro team came out behind on the scoreboard after a goal from midfielder Jorginho, but sought equality on the return of the break with striker Erick.

In the table, Grandpa is in 15th position, with 17 points. In the next round, on Saturday (2), they receive Internacional at home, at 7pm. Before, he has a commitment for the round of 16 of the Sudamericana: he faces The Strongest, in Bolivia, on Wednesday (29), at 19:15.


Atlético-GO is in 13th place, with 17, but one more victory than Ceará: 4 x 3. The new game for the Brasileirão is Sunday (3) against São Paulo, at 4 pm, at home.

Ceará 1×1 Atletico-GO | know how the game was

match timeline

0-15m from the 1st T: the match started with the teams alternating possession of the ball. At 5, Nino Paraíba crossed for Lima with a strong header. Goalkeeper Ronaldo defended in two halves. The Dragon’s answer was at 8, with Jorginho pushing to the back of the net after a low pass. The bid was disallowed for offside by the video referee (VAR). As time progressed, the visitors began to dictate the pace of the game more.

15-30m from the 1st T: Atlético-GO kept the ball, while Ceará adopted a stronger marking from the central circle. At 21, in counterattack, Churín risked from afar to defend João Ricardo. Better on the field, Dragão opened the scoring at 25, with Jorginho heading free after Hayner’s cross: 0x1. Ceará advanced and put pressure on the marking, getting a kick out with Lima.

30-49m of the 1st T: with the adverse score, Ceará tried to pressure, but was not able to expand the offensive production. At 38, Hayner was knocked down in the penalty area and had a penalty scored by referee Douglas Marques (SP). The VAR check indicated an offside of the right-back in the bid, nullifying the marking. The alvinegra team also invested in the aerial ball, without success. At the final whistle, the crowd booed the team.


0-15m from the 2nd T: at the return of the interval, the coach Marquinhos Santos activated Erick and Zé Roberto in the vacancies of Fernando Sobral and Matheus Peixoto, respectively. In substitutions, he changed the scheme to 4-3-3. At 2, everything was the same with Erick. The striker takes advantage of Zé Roberto’s finishing rebound and kicks. The ball deflects in the marking and enters: 1×1. So, Grandpa grew up in the game and pressed for the comeback.

15-30m from the 2nd T: Ceará maintained the offensive posture. At 16, Lima took the rebound in the penalty area and kicked for Ronaldo’s defense. At 25, Atlético-GO responded with Jorginho, who pushed it to the back of the net after a pass from Wellington Rato – a bid annulled for offside.

30-45m from the 2nd T: Atlético-GO stopped the game in consecutive moments to request assistance from the athletes, which heated up the atmosphere on the field and paralyzed the match. In an attempt to seek victory, Cléber also entered the game. The big move was at 48, when Zé Roberto turned against the marking and kicked for Ronaldo’s defense. So, everything is the same at Arena Castelão.


  • Ceará: João Ricardo; Nino Paraíba, Messias, Luiz Otávio and Bruno Pacheco; Fernando Sobral (Erick), Richardson and Richard; Vina, Lima (Cléber) and Matheus Peixoto (Zé Roberto). Coach: Marquinhos Santos.
  • Atlético-GO: Ronaldo; Hayner, Edson, Ramon and Jefferson; Edson (Lucas Lima), Marlon Freitas and Jorginho (Shaylon); Airton (Wellington Rato), Luiz Fernando (Léo Pereira) and Churin (Rickson). Coach: Jorge.

Technical sheet | Ceará 1×1 Atlético-GO

  • Competition: Série A do Brasileiro – 14th round.
  • Location: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza/CE.
  • Date: June 26, 2022.
  • Goal: Jorginho at 25’/1st T (0-1) and Erick at 02’/2nd T (1-1)
  • Yellow cards: Messias, Vina and assistant Edson Borges (Ceará); Ramon, Airton and coach Jorginho (Atlético-GO).
  • Referee: Douglas Marques das Flores (SP).
  • Assistants: Danilo Ricardo Simon Manis (SP) and Daniel Paulo Ziolli (SP).
  • VAR: Wagner Reway (PB).

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