Endrick highlights Vasco’s fans in the Palmeiras title: ‘Even at the base you can see what they do’

great name of Brazilian Under-17 Cup title, Endrick highlighted the strength of Vasco fans in the big decision in São Januário. The striker scored both goals for Palmeiras in the 4-2 defeat to Vasco. As they won the first leg by 4-1, the alviverde team ended up taking the title.

After the confrontation, the jewel of the São Paulo club made a point of valuing the cross-Maltinos present in the historic Hill.

– It’s inexplicable, I even get goosebumps because, as I said in the first interview, I’m not wanting to win Vasco’s fans, I’m not wanting them to like me, but hey, even at the base you can see what they do. Before entering the field, I already had butterflies in my stomach because we knew it was going to be difficult. That crowd there… man, we arrived in the locker room and said, “there’s no way” – exclaimed the young man.

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Endrick, who had already scored two goals in the first game, ended up as the top scorer in the Copa do Brasil Sub-17, with eight goals in six games. This Sunday, the striker appeared in decisive moments. The goals scored by him stopped Vasco’s reaction, which ended up making it 2 to 0 and 3 to 1, but without getting the three goals necessary to take the decision to penalties.

The player stated that the team started the match badly, but managed to improve afterwards. Endrick also highlighted the presence of the family as a fuel for his individual performance.

– We started off, nobody did well in the first half. We came back for the second half and we managed to do that. Thank God for everything, inexplicable, I have nothing to say about this game. I’m still trying to reason. Very difficult, my family came from São Paulo to cheer for us. I didn’t mean to make them ugly. My girlfriend, my father, my mother, my entire staff. Thank God I can score two goals. Now it’s time to go to the U-20, if the teacher calls me, and try to win another cup.

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In addition to Endrick’s goals, another factor drew attention from the Palmeiras side. Defender Vitor Reis fainted after suffering a shock to the head and had to go to the hospital to receive medical attention. The striker commented on what happened and said that the players ran for their partner on the field.

– It was very difficult, I was far away. When I got closer I saw that he was bleeding, so it was really hard, because he was fine in the match. We run for him and I hope that God blesses him in the hospital, that he can be well because he is a very important player.


Endrick turns 16 next month and will be able to sign his first professional contract with Palmeiras. The expectation is that the striker can perform some training with the professional team to be closely observed by coach Abel Ferreira.

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