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Since last year I’ve been hearing about the metaverse, and the talk has been increasing. I know it’s a virtual world where people are already buying land, houses and apartments, opening businesses, etc. But I still hadn’t stopped to delve into the subject and avoid being “floating” in conversations.

I believe that many readers are in the same situation as me, so I decided to clarify a little about the so-called “parallel world”.

Metaverse can be defined as a network of virtual worlds that try to replicate reality with a focus on social connection. Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Meta. Many people believe that this is the future of the internet and we will all be interacting within this universe sooner than we think.

Have you thought? Each of us will have an avatar and he will be the extension of our body.

The metaverse uses augmented virtual reality technologies to provide user immersion. Access can be through accessories such as glasses and gauntlets connected to computers or smartphones.

One thing is certain: for the metaversion desired by Zuckerberg to become a reality, it is necessary to converge several technologies and improve many tools and equipment that exist today. This can still take quite some time.

The term metaverse means to transcend the universe. There are several “universes”, i.e. platforms such as Decentraland, Axie Infinity, Horizon, Mesh, Sandbox, Fortnite and Roblox that offer a variety of experiences – from gaming to virtual workspaces to live entertainment.

To invest in the metaversion, it is necessary to acquire cryptocurrencies, money used in virtual environments. the case of MANA (Decentraland), SAND (The Sandbox) and ENJIN (Enjin Coin) coins. The same goes for investment funds and ETFs (Exchange-Traded Founds) with crypto.

Another investment is through NFTs (non-fungible tokens). They can be part of the metaverse in different ways, such as a certificate of the purchase of a virtual land in Decentraland, for example.

With the increase in demand for virtual spaces, your asset will be directly valued. An indirect way of investing is to buy shares in companies such as Meta, Microsoft, Roblox and Epic Games, which are publicly traded and are betting on the segment.

But can this virtual world harm mental health? For Cludio Melo, from Holiste Psychiatry, virtual relationships are quite concrete, but they require attention so that they do not become an escape from reality. With the promise of revolutionizing social and work interactions, the shared and collaborative virtual environment allows simulating real-world human interactions.

“I find this way of referring to online interactions as a virtual relationship curious. as if they didn’t exist, were something imaginary. The pandemic was a catalyst for distance audiovisual interaction, from simple chat and telemedicine home office. The metaverse expands these possibilities. However, of course, this kind of interaction is no substitute for real presence. We should see it as a complement, a substitute for the impossibility of a face-to-face relationship”, says Melo.

For the psychologist, the problem is not in the new technologies, but in the misuse that is made of them. Even so, this is an old question that permeates several innovations, such as radio, television and video games. Using this or that device is not enough to make a healthy person sick.

According to the specialist, through online consultations, many patients began to take care of their mental health via the internet, a phenomenon that can gain momentum in the metaverse.

Despite not being villainous, the metaverse has some risks, such as becoming an escape from responsibilities, decision-making and the discomforts of real life.

“Any behavior that is dysfunctional, that prevents a person from performing daily activities or that puts physical or mental health at risk deserves special attention. Signs of anxiety, depressive symptoms, sudden changes in behavior, changes in the sleep cycle can be warning signs to seek specialized care”, concludes the psychologist.

(Isabela Teixeira da Costa/Interim)

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