Expulsion of a goalkeeper from Náutico can cause the cancellation of the match – 06/26/2022

Náutico drew with Tombense and remains in a difficult situation in Serie B. In the extra time of the match, the left winger of Náutico, Pedro Vítor touched the striker of Tombense, Lucas Santos. The referee Leonardo Willers Lorenzatto considered the contact foul, and as it was inside the area, he scored the penalty, generating revolt from the alvirrubros. Another bid too ended up being important in the game and raised doubts, including about the possibility of annulment of the match.

At eight minutes into the second half, an unusual move ended up causing Lucas Perri to be sent off. The goalkeeper alvirrubro took a free-kick outside the area, slipped and touched the ball twice, preventing striker Ciel from finishing with the open bar. At first, the referee gave the yellow card, but after reviewing the VAR, he decided to send off.

It turns out that the first touch of the ball is with the attacker’s knee. Rule 13 says that the ball “will come into play when it is kicked and moves clearly”.

Renata Ruel, former referee and commentator for ESPN channels, understands that “in the case of the expulsion of Lucas Pereira, by Náutico, the ball will enter the game when it is kicked and moves clearly – in football, the kick can only be with the foot When the player touches the ball with his knee, the restart of the game was not in accordance with the rule. In this way, the free kick should be retaken and not an infraction in favor of Tombense and a red card should have been applied. me shows ignorance of the rule on the part of on-field referees and VAR”.

Sports lawyer, journalist and author of this blog, Andrei Kampff explains that “A mistake in fact is when the referee misinterprets a bid. Impediment is a common example. An error of law is one that goes against the rules of the game. Judge counts and leaves twelve players acting on a team, for example. Only the error of law causes the cancellation of a match”.

The Brazilian Code of Sports Justice (CBJD) says in paragraph 1 of art. 259 that:

“§ 1. The match, event or equivalent may be annulled if there is demonstrably an error of law relevant enough to alter its result.”

The lawyer specialized in sports law, Filipe Souza, understands that “as the rule determines that for the ball to be put into play, the movement must be made with the foot, this could characterize an error of law, if the first touch was actually given occasionally by the knee”.

In the same vein, Lei em Campo columnist Vinicius Loureiro states that “the rule clearly states that the ball must be moved with the foot. with the argument of the clear chance of scoring. If this was the argument for the expulsion, as it apparently was, this expulsion constitutes an error of law, in an unquestionable way.”

Now, an important detail. In order for the match to be annulled, this error of law must have had a direct influence on the outcome of the match. This is where the discussion should be. If the athlete had not been expelled, would the result be different?

“I personally understand that the undue expulsion of an athlete, especially a goalkeeper, directly affects the competitiveness of a team, especially with 40 minutes to play. Therefore, I understand that the match should be canceled and the refereeing team punished”, says Vinicius.

Andrei also understands that the discussion “will focus on what the final part of art. 259 of the CBJD, that is, if this error of law was relevant enough to change the outcome of the game. Goalkeeper sent off at the start of the second half. But it is important to remember that the annulment of a match by court is something very rare, since the sport has the principle of pro competitione, which is the principle of stability of competitions”.

The tie meant that the teams continued in the same positions in the Serie B table. Tombense lost the chance to touch the G-4 and remains in sixth position, now with 20 points. Náutico, on the other hand, could not leave the Z-4, and remains in 17th place, with 14 points.

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