“Fla business opportunity”; Businessman offers Vasco’s titleholder to Rubro-Negro, Braz is triggered and news irritates Vasco’s people on the web


Rubro-Negro Carioca is eyeing any chance of business, especially for the midfield system

- Marcos Braz, vice president of football
© Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo– Marcos Braz, vice president of football

The pressure on Flamengo eased after the victory over America-MG. The team behaved well, built the result naturally and won well by 3 x 0. Now, Mengão changed the key and is already thinking about the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores da América, where they will face Tolima, this Wednesday (29 ), with the first game away from home.

It will be the last game of Andreas Pereira, which belongs to Manchester United and is expected to be sold to Fulham, from England. Business depends only on the “yes” of the player himself. Flamengo had an agreement at the beginning of the year to buy him, but he backtracked and that angered the English, who made it difficult to have any new conversations with the Cariocas.

Still on the ball market, journalist Gilmar Ferreira reported that midfielder Andrey Santos, from Vasco, was offered to Flamengo. In addition to the Rio club, he also had his name suggested to Palmeiras and Atlético-MG. The 18-year-old is considered a great gem of the Hill, but his renewal is stalled.

The possibility of Andrey Santos wearing the shirt of another Brazilian club torments Vasco. (…) And it is already known that Júlio Taran, his new representative, has been offering the business opportunity to Flamengo, Atlético-MG and Palmeiras”, said the journalist in your blog in the Extra/Online newspaper in Rio de Janeiro.

To get him out of Vasco, the Flamengo football department (Braz and Spindel) will need to pay around BRL 14 million, value referring to the player’s current contractual fine. This news is also making Vasco fans afraid to see the youngster wearing the shirt of their biggest rival. In Europe, PSG and Barcelona also want to sign the young athlete.

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