Flamengo’s defense manifests itself in Vasco’s action to play at Maracanã: “These de botequim” | football

After having denied the request to hold the game against Sport at Maracanã, on July 3, Vasco filed a lawsuit in court. This Monday, Flamengo made its manifestation in the action and stated that the justification is the attempt to maintain the quality of the lawn.

In the club’s defense, the text says that Vasco’s thesis to try to liberate Maracanã is based on a “botequim conversation logic”.

+ RJ government sees violation of Fla-Flu duo and requests release of Vasco x Sport at Maracanã at risk of sanctions

flamengo, america-mg, maracanã — Photo: André Durão

– What you have is a thesis, based on the logic of fan discussion, which commonly occurs in bars in the city. Evidently, Flamengo cannot base its decisions, within the scope of the discretion of a professional administration, on the logic of tavern conversation – says the excerpt.

The defense recalls that the day before the game that Vasco intends to take to Maracanã, the stadium will already host the match between Fluminense and Corinthians. The statement is that the Cruz-Maltina team has the only desire to have a greater collection.

– There would be no problem in intending to earn more, as long as the maximization of profits does not harm the preservation of the Maracanã Stadium lawn and, thus, does not jeopardize the health of football players and affect the quality of the football spectacle offered to the public – says the defense in another passage.

Part of Flamengo’s defense in the action brought by Vasco — Photo: Reproduction

In the action, Vasco argues that the last games in São Januário had their tickets sold out overnight, that the duel against Sport (currently 5th place) is of great appeal and that the ban violates the isonomy provided for in the contract of stadium concession.

The Government of Rio de Janeiro, through the Civil House, notified Flamengo (permissionary) and Fluminense (intervening consent) for not allowing the holding of Vasco x Sport. The document demands the Consortium’s immediate reconsideration under penalty of imposing sanctions on the clubs.

In the event of non-compliance, according to the letter sent by the Civil House, Flamengo and Fluminense may be punished by the imposition of sanctions provided for in clause 19 of the Term of Onerous Permission for Public Property of the Maracanã Complex. Punishments can be fines and, ultimately, even cancellation of the permit term. The letter is addressed to Rodolfo Landim and Mário Bittencourt, presidents of Flamengo and Fluminense, respectively.

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