French court banned burkinis from swimming pools in Grenoble

French court banned burkinis from swimming pools in Grenoble

The court reversed the decision because it considered that the garment that covers the body and the head affects equal treatment.

Burkinis are full-body swimwear.

This summer, it will no longer be possible to wear burkinis in public swimming pools in Grenoble, a city in eastern France. These full-length bathing suits, which cover the head and body, are worn by some Muslim women, in keeping with the religious tradition of dressing modestly.

The French justice confirmed on Tuesday, June 21, the ban on these bathing suits in the city’s municipal swimming pools for compromising “the neutrality of the public service”, says the statement. “CNN Portugal”. This decision is an annulment of another that allowed the use of this type of swimsuit. After a series of protests by local Muslim women, the city of Grenoble was going to allow the use of these bathing suits in public swimming pools from 1 June.

However, the court reversed the decision because it considered that the use of burkinis would harm the equal treatment of users. THE French justice has now considered that this use would be a “violation of the general rule that requires the use of clothing that is fair to the body [nas piscinas] to allow certain users to bypass this rule for a religious purpose”.

“Contrary to the objective claimed by the city of Grenoble, its initial decision to authorize the burkini was only intended to satisfy a requirement of a religious nature”, justified the French court.

In 2004, the French government banned visible religious symbols, such as Muslim headscarves, Jewish kippas, Christian crucifixes in institutions. like schools, or the niqab — veils that cover the face and only show the eyes — in all public spaces in France. Muslim women living in the country who wear this type of clothing therefore find it very difficult to access state services due to these prohibitions.

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