Gigantic nuclear flying hotel, capable of going years without landing, draws attention on video; watch

A stunning video features a gigantic nuclear-powered aircraft called the Sky Cruise, “a futuristic hotel above the clouds”, as science communicator Hashem Al-Ghaili’s YouTube channel describes it. Created in CGI, the concept is very well detailed by the images, including in its modern internal environments.

There’s a mix between mega cruise ship and space station for a flying hotel with space for more than 5,000 guests, on almost nonstop flights. That’s because the vehicle “would never run out of fuel”, staying in the air for years on end, as the creators explain.


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Artificial intelligence piloting the nuclear flying hotel

Piloted by artificial intelligence (AI), the gigantic flying hotel would have its own (also huge) disk-shaped observation tower. In it, passengers could see the surrounding landscapes, in the heights, “above the clouds”, as the video highlights. Take a look and be amazed:

Any turbulence or related issues would be predicted and analyzed by the futuristic vehicle’s AI. Furthermore, Al-Ghaili animation with drawings by Tony Holmsten claims that the Sky Cruise would have no carbon footprint. Its 20 electric motors would be responsible for propulsion of the structure, powered only by a “small nuclear reactor” working under a highly controlled fusion reaction.

Aircraft maintenance performed in the air

“Thanks to nuclear energy, the hotel never runs out of fuel and can remain suspended in the air for several years without ever touching the ground”, say those responsible for the work. Guests would fly to the hotel from the heights in commercial or private jets and leave the premises just the same – and all vehicle repairs would be done in the air.

Gigantic flying hotel with a plane landing on it
Image: Playback/Hashem Al-Ghaili/YouTube

Several attractions would be spread out in environments such as luxury restaurants and a huge shopping mall (which stands out in the images with numerous escalators). Gyms, theaters, swimming pools, medical and wellness services, event spaces and much more would be presented to the fortunate passengers of the nuclear flying hotel.

It would even be possible for a couple to have a big wedding party on the Sky Cruise, after a long time of courtship in the skies. Of course, in the countless comments on social media, there are those who question the aerodynamic viability of the aircraft (and also the size of the disaster if this gigantic nuclear vehicle with 5,000 people inside ended up crashing).

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