How many cycles does the iPhone have? Follow the step by step to find out

Although some people don’t know it, the truth is that a cell phone battery has a lifespan. This means that one day this component will lose its efficiency and may even stop working properly. So if you have your eye on a new device from Apple, know that you can see how many cycles the iPhone has.

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What are iPhone cycles?

If you’re wondering how many cycles the iPhone has, first, know that we’re talking about battery cycles. Each complete cycle represents a recharge that went from 0% to 100% of the device. So, if a load went from 50% to 100%, it will represent half a cycle.

It’s important to understand how many cycles the iPhone has to know what the health of the battery is. The more loads that are made, the greater the wear on the component. A cell phone with battery problems can become very annoying and even useless.

How to know how many cycles the iPhone has?

The iPhone operating system (iOS) shows how healthy your battery is. Still, it is possible to know how many cycles have been completed so far. Follow the step by step to find out how many cycles the iPhone has:

1 – Go to Settings inside your iPhone. Then tap on “Privacy and Security”;

2 – Scroll down and find the “Analysis and Improvements” option;

3 – Activate the option “Share Analysis”. Then, enter “Analysis Data”;

4 – If there are no reports available, wait until one is generated. If there is, look for “log-aggregated-“;

5 – If you found more than one finished report, search for the term “iPhone OS” at the beginning of the report;

6 – You will notice that there is a lot of information inside the report. So copy the text and paste it into a text app, like word or Docs, for example. Search for the term “BatteryCycleCount”. The information is usually at the end of the document;

7 – Ready, the number you will find is referring to how many cycles the iPhone has.

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