Intel Arc A380 GPU supports DisplayPort 2.0 by default, but no compatible display yet

Increase in resolution and refresh rate cannot be taken advantage of if monitors do not support

The Intel Arc A380, the company’s next line of desktop GPUs, will be the first to support DisplayPort 2.0. The new DisplayPort 2.0 standard supports higher resolutions and refresh rates. The only problem is that there are no monitors yet to take advantage of the DisplayPort 2.0 input of the Intel Arc A380 GPUs.

The Gunnir Intel Arc A380 Photon, from the Chinese manufacturer Intel partner, are the only models available on the market, with a customized version that offers four connections, three of which are DisplayPort 2.0 and an HDMI 2.0 input. The MyDrivers website points out that each DisplayPort input offers different performance: with the UHBR10, UHBR13.5 and the UHBR20 input as the highest performing DisplayPort.

The portal points out that while the UHBR10 entry should deliver 40GBs of bandwidth, the UHBR20 should reach up to 80GBs. In comparison, an HDMI 2.1 input can reach a maximum of 48GBs of bandwidth. The launch of the Intel Arc A380 took place first in China and Intel said that the subsequent launch in the rest of the world will take place by September.

just missing the monitor

While the Intel Arc A380 will bring standard DisplayPort 2.0 support, there are no displays that can enjoy 8K images at 60Hz uncompressed, or 4K at 240Hz refresh rate. Without monitor support, DisplayPort 2.0 inputs will work as DP 1.4, making 8K resolution reach 30Hz refresh rate and 4K at 120Hz.

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The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) from March this year began to approve certifications of companies for the use of DisplayPort 2.0 technology. For that reason, it shouldn’t be long before display manufacturers start approving devices that support the technology.


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Source: Wccftech, Mydrivers

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