Is it worth using an SD card on the phone?

Over the years, cell phones began to have more and more internal memory, letting you store everything on the device. In the past, it was not like that, many cell phones had little memory and it was common to use an SD card, mainly to store music.

But if cell phone memory has increased so much, a question may arise: is it still worth using an SD card in your cell phone? Take a look below and find out!

Worth using SD card

The first thing to think about to answer this question is: what will be the use of the external card? You know, many apps don’t support installation on the SD card, so having them in your phone’s memory is a necessity.

It’s also worth thinking that having music on your cell phone is much easier, right? Many streaming services allow you to listen without taking up internal memory, so this “problem” has been solved with the advancement of mobile technology.

With all that being said, you might be wondering, “So Lu, I don’t need to use an SD card anymore, do I?” Calm! Don’t throw yours away, okay? It can still be useful, check it out: we tend to keep a lot of photos and videos, so keeping them safe is important.

SD cards are useful for saving media files in a safe place (Image: Rodrigo Folter)

For this, the SD card can be very useful, serving as a safe storage space to keep your memories in a special and safe corner, preventing them from being lost if you format your phone or forget to save them to the cloud.

In the end, it all depends on one thing: what are you going to use it for? SD cards are still useful yes, maybe not everyone uses them, but it’s worth having in some cases.

Oh! Keep an eye out, I’ll be back soon with more tips for you, ok?

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